General questions about Staking ADA and concerns

Hello everyone,
I’m new to the cardano community and Yoroi and have a few questions.

  1. When I delegate x amount of ADA to a pool, and then i deposit y amount of ADA, will both x and y amount be staked to that pool? And do my staking rewards become staked automatically?

  2. I have some ADA delegated to a pool, since it is my first time, I understand I have to wait 20 days, and then every 5 days after that I will receive my staking rewards? And do i have to wait the 20 days every time I select a new pool?
    And how do I ‘cancel’ or stop my delegation?

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Hey and welcome to the forum @p0tat0

Yep exactly


If you choose to delegate to a different pool, you still get rewards but it takes 3 full epochs again to receive the rewards from the new pool. In the meantime you still receiving rewards from your previous pool. Read more here : Cardano Community Support FAQ

Depends on the wallet you use. On Yoroi there is a “withdraw” button under the dashboard. There are also wallets like Daedalus where you dont have to withdraw you rewards because you can simply spend your funds without doing so before.



Oh okay, thanks for the swift reply @Zyroxa.
So again, I have a question about rewards that the FAQ didn’t quite answer for me.

  1. Whenever i choose to delegate to a pool, do i still get rewards from epochs 1,2,3 but just all at once during epoch 4? Or do I only get my first reward on epoch 4.
  2. Also, my withdrawal button is only under my rewards section in the dashboard and seems to be greyed out

I’m assuming I must wait for at least 1 epoch period before I can withdraw my initial investment or any rewards.

Yes you will start getting rewards after you have delegated your funds for a whole epoch. But the rewards are 15 days (3 epochs) delayed. Means if you remove your funds from your wallet, you still would receive for 3 more epochs your rewards.

Thats currently a bug and the team is aware of it. They are trying to fix it asap.

No your funds arent locked at any given time. You can spend them whenever you want.

Oh okay I see, thank you.

ah okay

I see
Well thanks for all your help!

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