Staking rewards withdrawal on Yoroi

Hello everyone, I have staking ADA in Yoroi wallet’s staking pool, and I can see my rewards on my dashboard and should I withdraw rewards after every epoch? or it will auto delegate the rewards back to the stake pool?
Thank you.


The rewards will be automatically added to the delegated amount so u will not need to withdraw them every epoch…



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Also, just for visibility we have a more comprehensive explanation below on the intricacies of staking as well as some common FAQs that might be helpful to you!

Let us know if you have any other questions!

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Got it thank you!

Thank you!

I have another question, if I want to move my Yoroi wallet to CCvualt but I am staking in Yoroi right now, do I need to withdraw the rewards before move the wallet from Yoroi to CCvualt? or no need, just move it? Thanks

You don’t need to move it, either. You can use Yoroi or ccVault or any other App as interfaces to the same wallet.

The Ada and the delegation is not in the app, but on the blockchain.

I see, thank you!