Staking reward on yoroi not receiving

I have not received reward after epoch 266 completed. I am using plush stakepool on yoroi wallet. But I can see I haven’t recieved my rewards yet. Please help me.
When I will receive my staking rewards.?


What is the pool name and in which epoch did u delegated?


Plush pool

Epoch 266.


Epoch 266 - delegated
Epoch 267 - snapshot
Epoch 268 - delegation became active
Epoch 269 - reward calculated
Epoch 270 - reward distributed for epoch 268
Epoch 271 - reward distributed for epoch 269, etc

U will receive the first reward on epoch 270

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Thanks alot. Friend. Before I use to stake with Exodus wallet. It was automatic staking I didn’t need to use stakepool. But on yoroi wallet I can choose stakepools and I didn’t know about epoch time Cycles. Thankyou for helping me. I appreciate your help. God bless you

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