Staking reward on yoroi not receiving

I have not received reward after epoch 266 completed. I am using plush stakepool on yoroi wallet. But I can see I haven’t recieved my rewards yet. Please help me.
When I will receive my staking rewards.?


What is the pool name and in which epoch did u delegated?


Plush pool

Epoch 266.


Epoch 266 - delegated
Epoch 267 - snapshot
Epoch 268 - delegation became active
Epoch 269 - reward calculated
Epoch 270 - reward distributed for epoch 268
Epoch 271 - reward distributed for epoch 269, etc

U will receive the first reward on epoch 270


Thanks alot. Friend. Before I use to stake with Exodus wallet. It was automatic staking I didn’t need to use stakepool. But on yoroi wallet I can choose stakepools and I didn’t know about epoch time Cycles. Thankyou for helping me. I appreciate your help. God bless you

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I had the same problem like yours i tried to chat my staking pool they never responded so I delighted to a another block and I received the rewards so its working Ada to the moon

i have the same problem. I’m using goat stake (i dont know the excact epoch) but i think 3 weeks ago and i still havent recived anything im now in epoch 286. What can i do?

the pool created blocks all this time, copy one address from your wallet and paste it on, scroll down and check the rewards area…

Thank! But when will this show up on my yoroi wallet? Cuz now is nothing

on yoroi, you have rewards = 0?
on do you see rewards available?

I’m also having a problem staking in Yoroi. On I can’t see any staking rewards but i’m delegated to the staking pool for quite some epochs now (since august 8). I have delegated to the [STAT] pool. No rewards recieved yet.

when you delegate for the first time you will need to wait 4 epochs before first rewards, so starting with the next epoch you should start receiving rewards… if the pool creates blocks!


Thanks for the info mate!

Simply enter your staking address or one of your wallet address on
And it will gives you all the information you need, including timing on your first rewards :wink: