Not receiving rewards, tried multiple pools

Hi everyone

Looking for some urgent help. I am staking 22k ADA through YOROI shelley testnet wallet.
I have changed my wallet twice now, and am currently staking through what seems to be the reliable rank 6 [BCSH] Blue Cheese Stake House pool on

I’ve spent 2 epochs on this pool, and have been rewarded nothing, and have been rewarded nothing from previous pools either, which have all been highly ranked pools on adapools.

can someone please help as i’m becoming frustrated


In the YOROI you can track on which day which pool will give you the award. You will get reward from the next pool after the 3rd day.

You will get your first reward after the 3rd day.

i understand that, it says next reward for every epoch, but i havent had any rewards for 2 epochs with this pool now?

see here please

When did you delegate to this BCSH pool? If 2 day ago, then your first reward will happen today.

You were correct, I started receiving rewards after 3 Epochs.

Thanks for your help!