No rewards in yoroi

Hello everyone,
I have a problem on yoroi, I delegated my adas at 4 at 19:50 but still I don’t see any ada in the rewards.
How is it possible?
am I doing something wrong?
to stake out ada must the pc always be on? or to delegate you don’t need to stay connected.
thanks a lot to anyone who can answer

You don’t need to stay connected. What day did you delegate?

I delegated on December 18th and have not received rewards, I have changed pools on December 21st and so far I have not received rewards. I have chosen as pool those with a higher reward margin and lower commissions. Why am I not receiving rewards?

I have the same problem … and I don’t understand why … ???

I have the same issue as well. It is been a week now that I don’t see any rewards added.

You may want to check the performance/health of the stakepool you’ve delegated your stake to… or are great websites to get an overview and how to spot viable pools that aren’t yet saturated, with a decent fee structure and ROI. If necessary, you’ll have to consider re-delegating. Good luck! :wink:

PS: if you still have issues, you can either raise a ticket via Yoroi Technical Support, IOHK Technical Support or ask you question in the Community Technical Support section of this forum.

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