Staking in yoroi testnet but no rewards being issued

Hi ,
I have been staking Yoroi testnet wallet for about 10 days now and haven’t received any rewards yet. I have changed the pool 3 times but nothing so far. The test-net wallet shows my total ADA and delegated ADA also the info on my pool. but the rewards balance is always 0. Is there anyway to transfer it to Daedalus test-net because I am getting rewards there so easily. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Same situation here,

and no response from support.
Its a complete mess.

hey wishxy,
yesterday I got some rewards show up and today again nothing. its better than zero but still very frustrating. Its not a good feeling missing out on rewards. I wish i would have kept all my cardanos in daedalus wallet and not on yoroi. Daedalus has been very consistent since day 1.

The pool you’re delegating to has never created a block which is why you are not getting rewards. You can use a tool like to check how the pool is doing. You will get the exact same reward for a given pool on both Yoroi and Daedalus so switching applications won’t change anything.


Ok, so what I should do to change a pool, is there some guide?

I know that this is a 'test’net, and hopefully the delegation process will be made much simpler in the future, but getting a reward is a real saga.

I’ve been in two pools since the 29-Dec-2019 and have only received a single (small reward). The first pool turned out to be a dud, the second gave the tiny return (after 4 days) and now I’ve shifted into a third pool my hopes of a decent return aren’t high.

My biggest gripes (perhaps I should start a new thread about this?) are:

1: Choosing a pool that’s performing well and WILL CONTINUE to perform is really hit and miss. Either the pool simply doesn’t produce anything, or it gets saturated and also fails to perform.

2: Getting the rewards (particularly after you’ve moved pools) takes an inordinate time. Any when you end up with a dud pool (see Gripe 1), you’ve then got to wait ANOTHER 2 days for it to start producing returns.

3: There’s no mechanism to ensure pools are actually producing blocks (and therefore returns for stakers) and aren’t just wasting people’s time/resources.

I’ve said it before, but look at the process(es) AION uses for staking. From the back-end, to the staking-interface, it’s polished, simple and fast. Hopefully the Cardano people can take a leaf out of their books.

Even ICX (which also uses a slowish/clunky browser plug-in, like ADA) has a better system, despite their two-stage delegation/voting process.

The bottom line is that stakers want returns, simply and easily, without having to jump through hoops and those running the nodes, likewise.

Rant over! :slight_smile:



Hi Sebastien, How can I change stake pool on Yoroi 2.2.2 ?


Just select a different pool in the delegation tab. You can change pools any time

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Yes, that’s simple, but how do you chose a pool that’s not going to freeze-up / die / disappear? :slight_smile:

Hey Rolands50!

I would advise you to find the people who run the pools, you can easily found pools like (DIGI) by Rick or (SCAR) by Phillip.

I generally look for pools that are not top 10, but rather 11-30 and of course look for characteristics such as how many blocks have been created, that the pools are not saturated yet (less than 1% from the total staked ADA on the ITN).

On one portfolio I have been delegating to (LION) and it has been pretty successful, maybe you can give it a try? (Found the pool owners on reddit on a post “Promote your pool” something like that).

Happy Staking! :))


LION is very controversial. Some pools are now considered to be exploiting the network (deliberately causing forking) for personal gain and are “quarantined” by other pools, which will not be good for their delegators. You can read about the issue here, but I do not believe the opinions expressed in many of the comments reflect the concensus among operators.

Edit: this issue deserves a topic of its own. If you want to comment on it please start a new topic (or check if one exists first). Best category is probably Developers/Testnets.


Hi RobJF!

Thank you for this, I will definitely take a look!

I have been trying to run my own pool, currently teamed up with two Tech guys so I will hopefully delegate to my own and help honestly decentralize the network, but I will now look into the link you posted!

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

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Hi RobJF!

Had no idea about this, I`m all for decentralization and genuine activity, might increase my stake at (DIGI) by the looks of things.

Thank you for pointing this out! :slight_smile:

Best regards,

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