Recommendations on Staking Pools?

I’ve perused the list of Staking Pools in the Yoroi testnet wallet and some seem sketch, some seem legit. Any recommendations on good solid experiences?


Check out this website for more comparisons:


Check out this site as well:

You want to look at the itn rewards part.

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Very cool, thanks for that. I went ahead with BAKE1. We’ll see…

I switched to HAPPY just in time for them to go down, they are struggling to keep their node running and not making blocks like they were when I decided to switch. Great! Now yoroi is spinning circle of death and I cant switch to any other pool. Great!

Finally, was able to redelegate to another pool. Hopefully HAPPY gets their issues resolved.

I have the zero balance issue in Daedalus so I’m stuck where I am for the moment. I’m still getting rewards so all good though.

I settled on BAKE1 a few days ago. Already up to 7 ADA earned. But then I only have a little over 4,000 staked. But it is working and staking for me so that’s cool. BAKE1 is Letzbake, which has been doing Tezos staking for a while so they know what they’re doing I guess.

It’s a good feeling isn’t it, watching it pile up?

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Yep! it certainly is