Hello everyone from Vermont in the United States

Hello everybody, I’m new to Cardano and I’m loving what I’ve been learning about it. I’m a little apprehensive when it comes to new things. With that said I will say that I’ve been invested in XRP for a few years and recently sold my XRP to buy ADA. I am currently using Adalite wallet with my Ledger Nano S but would like some input on what other wallets are out there and how I can get into a staking pool when that happens. I see that Daedalus wallet was updated today and looks like there’s been lots of great updates.
I’m looking forward to the future of the Crypto world along with Cardano I feel lucky to be in the 1% of the world who is in it. The technology behind Cardano leads me to believe that I got in at a great price. I look forward to reading up on this forum and learning how to do things. Please be patient me because I’m a hands on kind of guy who has to work hard on picking things up. In closing I want to say that my biggest concerns are security and being able to add more ADA to my bag by using the staking pool when it becomes available. I believe that I understand how it works but I’m unsure how to get into a staking pool. Any YouTube channels or Twitter accounts that people can suggest would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone.


Welcome @JodyinVermont!


Welcome! I’m on a family vacation in New Hampshire so not to far away.

Joining a staking pool will supposedly be very easily done from the wallet. You will get a list of pools with staking returns listed so you can choose. Daedalus and Yoroi wallet are made by IOHK and Emurgo but I’ve heard good things about Adalite as well. I assume Adalite will support staking when the time comes. No hardware support on Daedalus yet BTW. You always maintain control of your funds when you stake so no worries about loosing them. If you are not happy with your pool just reassign your Ada to another. The goal is to make staking as simple and user friendly as possible. Regarding YouTube search separately for IOHK, Emurgo, Charles Hoskinson, Cardano Effect. Adatainment who posts here has a great site with educational videos and time stamped AMAs from Charles.


That’s awesome. Thank you so much for the welcome and the helpful advice. I am so excited about researching and finding the best safest wallet and getting into a staking pool to help out the community and make a little on the side. I think it’s a genius idea. It helps in every way for everyone. Plus it shows that the project is a good one. Everyone can contribute and benefit.

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Welcome glad your here. I’ve been adding to my ADA as well.
I use the Yoroi wallet on Android and chrome it’s made by Emurgo one of the companies involved with the Cardano development.
They are always adding new features like the URL invoice option on the chrome extension and paper wallets for cold storage.
If your good with downloading the blockchain Daedalus works well it also has paper wallet feature.


Welcome to the community! I would vouch for Donny and Wayne on their posts, I hope you find yourself comfortable as you navigate are sometimes tumultuous forum, good journey :slightly_smiling_face: