Daedalus stake pool ranking - red asterisk

I’ve got a staking pool (IAG) that has been operational and producing blocks for almost 2 months now. We got over 17M delegated, including a 15M ADA delegation from the Cardano Foundation, and have minted over 100 blocks during our 2 months in operation. Operationally speaking, we are doing quite well and all our stats on Adapools.org and PoolTool.io look great and I’ve verified it using Pool.vet. However, Daedalus wallet still shows our staking pool in red and with an asterisk, as if it has no expected return. I’m concerned that until this gets resolved it will have a significant impact on our ability to get new delegators. Is there something else I need to do in order to remove this asterisk and show up as a producing stake pool?

Thank you in advance.

Nope, there is nothing to do, mine shows also potential rewards 0 :slight_smile: ;

This seems like a problem. If the Cardano Foundation is willing to delegate over $1B to new staking pools in order to try and grow the ecosystem, but the new staking pools they are delegating to aren’t even showing up as viable staking options in the primary Cardano wallet, this seems like a fail. Perhaps we can get the Cardano Foundation to help us push for improvements to Daedalus in order to address the situation? Are there members of the development team or the Cardano Foundation who pay attention to this forum? I can try twitter too, if this isn’t the right forum to get their attention.

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U can contact also the daedalus support team

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Done. Thank you. I’ll post an update if I hear back from them.


Daedalus and Yoroi teams needs to address their faulty ranking systems already by yesterday!

Lets hope something will be done asap! :crossed_fingers:

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This needs to be a priority. Starting to feel like corruption in the system at the top to me. Seems like the Foundation does not care so much. I read somewhere that the priority is plutus smart contracts before ouroboros. In the meantime small pools will struggle to compete. I am going to stop recommending daedalus full node wallet. Yoroi and Adalite are better.