My first delegation -- is my ADA actually staking from Daedalus? (Screenshot attached)

I picked a stake pool to delegate to yesterday for the epoch that started today – When I logged in to my Daedalus wallet just now, the screen had changed and the normal menu is gone (see attached).

Does this mean that my ADA is successfully delegated right now? It really seems like there should be some kind of real-time walkthrough of all of this from inside the actual wallet.

I mean, there isn’t even some kind of sign that gives me a status update or lets me know what’s going on?

If this is the official wallet of Cardano and the goal is to get mass-adoption, the UI seems like it needs massive improvements before anybody except hardcore crypto enthusiasts and speculators are even going to consider using this.

Hey @AdamF1

It looks like your Daedalus is stuck in the loading process.

Try to reboot your computer once and try to start Daedalus again.


Go to search your pool ticker and see if your delegation appears there…
Once you staked your Ada it will remain in this status untill your next action (even you uninstall daedalus…)

Is my wallet supposed to just look normal even if I’m delegating?

I saw my stake pool, but not sure how to see my delegation – am I look for my wallet name or something or just the ticker of my stake pool?

One of the icons on that screenshot I posted said my node was not connected, so I clicked that icon and here’s what came up:

As far as I understand, I’m not trying to run a node anyways, so that shouldn’t matter? That’s the point of delegating, right?

Edit: You have to click the image to see the full Node Status part of the picture.

Ok, what is your pool ticker and when did u delegated (day)?
For the moment you have an issue with your daedalus… it’s not synced

My stake pool is DIGI3 and I set my ADA up to delegate to them today. My wallet showed yesterday that my ADA was set to be delegated to them today. Is there a way to see if I’m actually delegating?

– I closed and reopened my Daedalus and now it went back to normal. Here’s what I see:

Looks like I’m actively delegating now?

Yep, that looks good. Remember, you are not going to see any rewards for at least 16 days if you delegated the day before a new epoch. your ada get counted starting the next epoch (239) and if the pool mints blocks, you will see it after the third epoch (240). look for rewards after the epoch 240 goes over to 241.


Got it, thanks for all of the help guys.