Stake made in Yoroi not appearing in Daedalus

Stake made in Yoroi not appearing in Daedalus

Hi everyone!

I’m relatively new to cardano and I bought a small amount of it to have a feeling of how the technology works.

These were my steps:

  • Created a wallet with Daedalus;
  • Bought about 25 ADA on binance;
  • Transfered it to my wallet;
  • Delegated it all to a stake pool;
  • Bought another 25 ADA and transfered it to me wallet;
  • First odd thing: Now my 50 ADA where showing as staked in Yoroi. Why?
  • After a couple os days I checked Daedalus in my PC. Balance matched but Daedalus shows my ADA as unstaked. Yoroi shows all 50 ADA staked. Why?

Can someone give an explanation on this?

  • Why my transfer was automatically staked?
  • Why does my balance shows as staked in Yoroi and not staked in Dealadus?
  • Why the stake pool I delegated in Yoroi does not appear in Dealadus?

Thanks in advance to everyone!

Every new ada on your delegated wallet is automaticly delegated aswell.

Probably syncing error or maybe you just have to wait a few days more

There are some known issues that Daedalus doesnt show all pools properly.


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@Zyroxa already explained it clearly above. If you stake a wallet in a stake pool, any ADA that was sent to that staked wallet will be automatically staked.

It’s not like in Polkadot, where you need to bond/unbond your DOT manually.

Hope it helps @dmved

Hi @Zyroxa, thanks for the explanation!

I now understand better how this works.

As for the stake not appearing in Dealadus wallet, it appear yesterday.
Now I see my balance as staked and the stake pool I join also appears.

I hope these issues get fixed in Dealadus!

Thanks again!

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Yes he did. I understand this better now. Thanks!

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