Send 20ADA staked from Daedelus to Yoroi: 41ADA missing


How can i check if something is wrong (or not)?

I have staked XX.645 ADA in one wallet in Daedelus.
I want to move some to another Yoroi wallet.
I send 20 ADA (testing first) to my Yoroi.
I used my ledger S for confirming the transaction. a lot of questions later… i got a message "withdraw staked ada (approx.) 41 ADA " (i do not remember the exact phrase) confirmed and transaction was ok.

Yoroi was +20 ADA.
Daedelus was -41 ADA (approx)

How can i check i my funds where indeed XX.645? (maybe i read it wrong)
Why did i get a message about the staked ADA ?? which is very confusing.

in transaction at daedelus it sais -20.XX ADA.
but there is no balance history and nothing what looks like withdrawing 41 staked ADA.


It seems u withdrew the rewards also… check the address from daedalus on to check how much ada did u sent to yoroi


i checked on the
it say’s

From addresses
41.912579 ADA

To addresses
20 ADA → adress of my Yuroi = ok
22.73731 ADA → other adress → (this adress is not known by me!!)

how can i find these 22+ADA?
how can i check if this is my wallet? where is this wallet? it is not my Deadelus wallet. i have no other wallets that i know. what can i check?


Share the address; go to daedalus receive section… do u see the address from explorer (which received 22 ADA)


the 22+ ADA went to this adress

transaction ID


yes, indeed but my Deadelus adress is different? (the from adress)

it says ada balance 22+ ADA (not33K+), but i do not see this in my deadelus of Yuroi

It was generated a new address check on receive section… u should see the address

Each wallet has more addresses with ADA, these are the addresses for your wallet

ok but how can i see this in my deadelus (or yoroi)? or is it included in the 33.603? I do not think so, because i had 33.645 (approx).

What do u want to see, I sent u all wallet address with the ADA wich all controll ~33k ADA… inside daedalus u will see all the balance, not the balance/address

Copy one address and check on there u will see how much ADA one address controlls and bellow u will see the total controlled (view all addresses)

yes i saw it. it is a bit confusing. i will test again later and write up the balances. maybe i saw it wrong.
i was expecting to see: 33.603 + 22… approx 33.625 (or 33.645 - 20 ADA = 33.625)
thanx for your help

Ahhh no…because in daedalus u already saw the total balance (including rewards) basically u moved the rewards from stake address to a payment address

You should see the original balance - 20 ADA - ~0.4 fees

PS: u will not see transactions history when u withdraw the rewards; that’s why is confusing

U must write now the balance and check after the epoch change… it should change because u will receive rewards