Staked ada disappearance

Hello, All.

I have recently gotten into Cardano through a friend. Bought Ada put it on Yoroi first then I transferred it to Daedalus. This approx 2000 Ada was staked in Lambda. I kept hearing great news about Ada and its progress so I decided to buy more. I purchased 4k more Ada on Binance, transferred it to my Daedalus wallet through the receive link. Here is where I ran into trouble. I added the 4k to the same wallet of my previous staked 2k. Now 2k staked ada is gone. Hmm, weird so I just recover the wallet but only my 4k ada is remaining. I’ve tried to recover the wallet a couple times with only the 4k ada remaining. I do have a sent transaction for 2k ada but it was what looked like my original transfer to daedalus.

I’m not sure if this is normal but now with only 4k ada I just decided to stake it but the next two epoch rewards are from the OTHER 2k ada that was staked previously. The 2k thats not in my wallet, I am so confused?? Ive tried to recover my wallet on Yoroi and Daedalus only to find the 4k. Help, suggestions?

Did u ever downloaded an app for android mobile called DAEDALUS?


No, it was the desktop version only. I am aware of the scammers. Thanks though.

Ok, can u show the transactions history?

Now u have 0 funds… did u moved to another wallet?

Oh no. I think its been taken. Fuck…

That’s why I asked about android Daedalus… now it seems someone hacked ur pc? And he knew ur spending password?

I don’t understand how. Theres no way. I heard about the andriod scam. I didn’t ever get it.

Ok; some had access physical to ur PC? But he must knew the spending password
Can u share the transaction ID?

No one has access to this pc or my pw. Not even my wife.

Go to more… and try to change the password with the same password; it allows you? I want to see if ur spending password was changed

No, it hasn’t changed.

Then… Perhaps ur pc was hacked and he knew it the spending password… it’s the only option

Is there anything I can do now? I am so fucked.

It’s hard to say it but unfortunately no; I’m sorry for your loss

There needs to be some sort of security. This is unbelievable.

It is unlikely that someone can access user machine and trace their spending password. 99% of times in such cases, users accidentally enter their 15/24 word recovery phrase into phishing apps, resulting in the loss (to be sure one can scan their daedalus logs to confirm that it did not initiate on his machine).

When creating the wallet there are a lot of warnings that users are made to accept about liabilities for creating a wallet and owning the seed words.

Even if i do it. Then what? Kinda burnt here. idk what to do.