Daedalus wallet shows 0 ADA and a transaction I never made


I am new to the staking process and don’t understand if when staking the ADA goes to the validator? have I been hacked?
Please try to let me know asap,
Thanks in advance,

What exactly happened? Did you authorize any of these last three Tx from Daedalus?


Did u downloaded the “daedalus” wallet for mobile, from google play store?


Hi there,
I didn’t authorize anything, just opened the node and my ADA was gone.
Is it for the stake pool or my laptop is infected? If so is there any way to retrieve my ADA?


Hi Alex,

I downloaded the app from the browser following the link on the cardano website and staked from daedalus onto 4ADA.
That’s it, then after 3 days it’s all gone.
Any suggestions? Can I retrieve my ADA if staked? I don’t feel safe doing this,

Do u see any suspicious transaction in transaction history?

Hi Alex,

Yes I see a suspicious transaction which the one in which all my ADA goes to the unknown address previously mentioned.

So, I asked if u downloaded the daedalus app for mobile… it’s a scam which will steal the seed words from u


Yes I did,
That’s how it went down then,
Thanks for your response

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Hi. Could you detail exactly how you lost your ADAS?

A friend lost theirs exactly for that wallet you say.

there is/was a Daedalus app on google play store, and when he entered the seed words the hacker received them.
there is no official Daedalus app for mobile!


The web is littered with links to Google play pushing the scam.

can you show me?

ohh U said the web, I understood the IOHK page, sorry;
Yes, there are many scams like giveaway on youtube, google play store daedalus app, etc

So, as Alex pointed out there was a Daedalus wallet app on play store to download that would ask you the key words in order to create it. It turns out it was a scam and all of my ADA was gone 2 days after staking. It’s really frustrating as I had all of it there and I really really believe in this project.
On my part I took it to this thread and over on Twitter and spread the word especially with cardano community ppl with a lot of followers so that maybe I could save someone else’s money and help the ecosystem.
Unfortunately I didn’t make it on time for your friend!
Wish you all the best,


I had the same here, the 15th february. All my ADA gone, and this, after stake too, but it was Tapsy.
On my laptop, my version of Daedalus is ok; but I used once the mobile app, wrote my words and the app didn’t open.
I saw the transaction I never made, and the receiver’s adress :

Also, i saw on his adress : a lot of positives transactions were there…

Is there anybody else in the same situation ? More informations ?? How can it be possible ?

but I used once the mobile app, wrote my words and the app didn’t open.

Here is the “mistake”. That app sends ur seesd words to the hacker… the app was reported to be a scam!


That’s the shittiest thing about google play store, no reviews any one can submit app and pretend to be someone else. That is the reason I like ios you don’t have scamy apps on it.


I have found it to be very important to go to the main site of any crypto and follow the links they say are valid. The Cardano main site directed to Daedalus and it was from there that I pulled down the Daedalus desktop app. I also have taken the time to learn how to validate an application’s signature and cert file. The Daedalus site offers excellent instructions on both of those processes.

Sorry for your misfortune.

Also would suggest to purchase ledger hardware wallet, then you never need to input your seeds anywhere. Also if you use pass phrase that would be cherry on top


We should put this as a sticker on every page of information about Cardano on the web.

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