Am i hacked?

I’m a newbie. i bought some 99 ada and staked it and afterward a bought 129 more ada. i deleted the daedalus wallet a few days ago since i was getting a new pc and now when i installed the wallet and restored it there’s no ada. there’s a 226.7 ada transaction made 2 days ago that i didn’t do myself.

so am i hacked or when staking ada will be gone from wallet ?? since i used a strong password and the recovery phrase was printed on paper i though no one can restore it other than me.

Hmm, it looks like you are hacked.
Did u ever downloaded the daedalus app for android?


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no i never downloaded android app.

The spending password has been changed?


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i don’t know how can i check it ?? in the setting it says it is updated a day ago (that’s me).

Where did you download the daedalus wallet? You said you’ve printed on paper, was this saved as a file on your desktop then print or written on a piece of paper?

If your recovery phrase was written down on a piece of paper then no one should be able to restore it. Otherwise, saving the recovery as a file on a compromised machine (even for just a little) may give hackers access to it.

Another case might be your computer was already compromised with a keylogger.

Funds should not be moving and staking does not move your funds either. In transactions, you should see a small fee for when you register the stake. If you see a transaction in your transaction history that was not made by you and funds show 0, it does seem like it was possibly hacked.

Might be good to weigh in other user inputs too in case I’m missing something.

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from here it was printed from file.

That is the official daedalus wallet website so the file should be good (you can always run a checksum to match verify if it matches with the actual installer, if not remove it/uninstall immediately).

Can you confirm if you see the funds leaving in the transaction history of your restored Daedalus wallet? Or if you see any old transactions at all?

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i see all my transactions. in all there is the first one is me receiving ada and second is the fee for staking. 3rd one is me again receiving ada and the 4th one is me losing all the ada.

I’m sorry to hear, but based on that information, it does indeed sound like someone hacked/moved your funds out of the wallet.

Do you know if your old machine/computer had an antivirus?

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just windows defender.

I’m sorry, I’m not sure what to do about the lost funds, but I do recommend that you consider getting a hardware wallet (i.e., Ledger or Trezor).

In doing so, this will add another layer of security as hackers will not be able to access your funds unless they have access to the physical device (assuming they do not have access to your 24-word recovery phrase for the hardware device).

It is advised to never store your private keys/recovery phrases on a machine that is connected to the internet. There is always a risk of your computer/machine being compromised (not all antiviruses are hacker-proof).


The recovery pass phrase is supposed to be written down on paper and not stored or copied electronically. Having said that, if you already have a malware that can store key clicks and/or capture your screen before you installed Daedalus, then the hacker would be able to restore your wallet anytime. Using a hardware wallet prevents this from happening as the hacker will need access to your hardware wallet in order to perform transactions. Sorry for your loss. Just take it as a learning experience

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