Did my wallet got hacked?

I have some ADA staked through my wallet in Daedalus and and today I noticed they were transferred out to an unknown wallet.



I just don’t understand how it’s possible. Any ideas?

I am so sorry to hear that @selsdon . Did you install a scam Daedalus app from Google Play (Android)? Please use only Daedalus desktop the official one

The only possibilities is you use a scam app from Google Play Store or someone has your 24 seed phrase.

Please see this article also.

I don’t have Daedalus on my iPhone only on my pc.

So the only way they could transfer out from my Daedalus wallet is they have my 24 word seed phrase?

Yes, that’s the only way that I could think of. To have better protection, I pair my Daedalus Wallet with Ledger Nano S (hardware wallet). So if somebody else want to take out my ADA, they still need the Ledger Nano S to approve the transaction.

Maybe moderator or senior member could help you further @selsdon

U can check if they changed the spending password… if not, maybe ur PC was hacked and they moved the funds using the spending password