All my Ada's were robbed from my Wallet

Hi, I found out yesterday that my ADA’s (about 6500) were stolen from my Daedalus Wallet. I found out the reason investigating in the forum. I installed a Fake Daedalus Wallet App on Play Store that appeared when looking to download Catalyst voting App. I thought it would nice to have the Wallet on my Phone as many other Wallet offer that option (Metamask, Coinbase,…). I feel so stupid and sad to have felt in that trap. The worst thing is too see the address of the theft Wallet and not be able to do anything to catch him. They are several transactions there, one of 100000ADA, this lack of security is awfull. I’ve filled a claim at the police station but I fear nothing can be done… The only would be maybe to identify the person that published the fake App but I’m afraid that Google level of security is really weak as even the dev e-mail on the App info is fake.
I feel so sad not to participate in this beautiful project, more than my money loss. I had staked my ADA to be able to vote in March.
It would be very nice if Cardano Team emphasize the risk of scamming in the Wallet itself, I see so many people being robbed. When you look the forum, it is usually too late…
If someone has any idea on how to identify the theft, please help me.
By the way has I was staking, will I still be able to vote?


IOHK made an announcement on Twitter a while ago warning against the Daedalus wallet scam on Google Play. It is very unfortunate that you lost your Ada, especially because this scam was very subtle, and Google doesn’t keep their App Store as clean as Apple. The best advice I can give, is to check the official website, If there existed a Daedalus for mobile, it would surely be mentioned in there.


Hi, yes you are right this scam is very dangerous, everything is so well done reproducing the official Daedalus Wallet. I´m new to crypto and was not suspecting that this kind of think could happen with Google. It happened on the fly as I explained, looking for the catalyst app to vote on my smartphone and saw that App and decided to install. I was so stupid! I was also confident because I had just installed Metamask Wallet on my phone as well. Hopefully this one was the real one. I will be more prudent now. It will be really nice to advice people in the Wallet itself bcs your are getting so much information in social media that it is difficult to pay attention to every advices.

Buenos días, cómo están:
me genera una duda para pasar ADA a la billetera de Deadalus, ya que mantengo en otra billetera y quiero tenerla en la billetera oficial pero cuando se indica “receive” despliega una cantidad de direcciones. Cuál es la correcta? Porque con otras billeteras u otras plataformas es una sola dirección.
Agradezco la información, saludos cordiales desde Uruguay


Puedes escoger la primera de la lista. Son de un solo uso y se van generando nuevas cuando gastas las que tienes. Asi funciona Cardano.

I lost all mine too to this scam.

Ai, so sorry for you. Good you places this awfull experience here.

Hey patrick, mee dan vervelend en wat ontzettend jammer voor je. Goed dat je het verhaal hier neerzette. Hopelijk kun je ooit weer wat ada bemachtigen en weer gaan deeluitmaken van decardano community, waar erg veel toekomst in zit