I just lost all my ADA which is stored on Daedalus

This is REAL!

I lost all my ADA worth 4k which is stored on Daedalus Mainnet today.

Recently they have released an update(3.3.0) and that update has a feature where you can register to vote on Fund3, I did register on that to show my support which also has a reward of $70.

5-6 hours after, all of my ADA has been stolen!!!

I’m not sure how they have managed to stole all of my ADA but it has a transaction ID listed on my history which I DID NOT do!

This is very alarming on Cardano community which I truly trusted.
I would like to warn all Daedelus user to transfer all their ADA to somewhere safe ASAP!!!

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Did u downloaded the daedalus app from google market store?
From where did u downloaded the daedalus?


I downloaded the app here:

It is the official site for daedalus;
But u ever downloaded any daedalus app for mobile from play store? Because it was a scam app;

I downloaded a mobile app called Catalyst Voting which is offered from the Daedalus software itself.

From where did u downloaded? I am trying to make a connection… how it was possible to loss ur funds…

I searched the mobile app on Play Store named Catalyst Voting which is indicated on the Daedalus software

Did it ask for your seed words?

I’m not really sure about the seed words since I’m new to Daedalus app, but I just followed the instructions on the app CAREFULLY

Did u inserted ur daedalus 24 security words in any kind of app these days?

I only entered it once, this is where I’ve created my Daedalus wallet

Did u stored the seed words on an online device?
Till now I don’t see the connection with daedalus catalyst

Perhaps u was hacked, this is the only option

omg every time this happens to people and i read it i realy get goose bumps&feel my hart beat pumping up.trying to figer out how this has been done in this case brains are in overload special its 3.3.0 newest version​:grimacing::grimacing:

I take all the precaution I needed to do. This is very sad.

I will post the transaction ID’s here, maybe someone could help.








Yes, but you need to think what happened, how u been hacked… what app did u downloaded… where u used ur seed words, etc

I keep on trying to remember the steps that I’ve done.

I only used the official Daedalus app and the Catalyst Voting mobile app which the Daedalus app posted and I carefully followed the instruction on how to use that mobile app.

Then 5-6hrs later, I checked my Daedalus Wallet and all my ADA has been stolen.

That is all I know.

You can try on daedalus on settings to change ur spending password… add ur last spending password an all 3 fields… it’s says it’s wrong?
If yes then someone restore ur wallet with seed words.

I’ve managed to change my spending password, no problem.

I can also verify the seed words, all working fine.

Where exactly u entered the seed words? On which app? I have catalyst on my phone but it didn’t asked me to enter seed words…

I only entered it ONCE on the Daedalus desktop when I’ve created my wallet.