HELP - I believe my ADA has been stolen. Not sure what to do next

Yesterday nearly $40,000 worth of ADA has disappeared from my Daedalus wallet and now have a $0.00 balance.

For several months I had been staking my balance in one of the Ocean pools for the benefit of the community. I also transferred additional ADA to my account from my Kraken exchange account.

After transferring from Kraken to Daedalus wallet, I then decided to change the pool to which I was staking to, updating it from Ocean to PEGA.

After doing this, I then went to the Google Play Store and downloaded the Daedalus Wallet - Secure ADA Cardano app believe it was a legitimate app. I noticed there were 150+ reviews over 4-stars so I thought it was legitimate. After installing the app I entered my 24-word keyphrase which I believe was my undoing. The app reported my balance was 0.00 so I figured it just had not updated yet. ( I am obviously newer to crypto ).

Later the same evening I opened Daedalus Mainnet on my computer and noticed 4 transactions sending ADA away from my account. I do not know what to do now or how to get it back. I submitted a support ticket to IOHK but no response.

The transaction IDs are:





I have filed a local police report as well as a report with Coinfirm.

What can I do next? Any help would be super appreciated, I am pulling my hair out at how easy this happened. Also, today, after submitting a SCAM report to Google Play Store, the app has been removed from their store but I kept screenshots of everything.

My one question of hope is this … being that I elected to join a new staking pool, is it possible my account shows 0.00 because the ADA is tied up while joinging the new pool or it it officially scammed from me??

It has been reported multiple times that the app for daedalus on play store is a scam, so I’m afraid that is what has happened to you. It would not be possible to recover the funds I’m afraid. I’m really sorry for you.