Stolen ada from my wallet

Hello to everyone.
I am a holder, I’ve bought a little of cardano few years ago, I use Daedalus to keep it. But in 08/17/2018 I has a unknown transaction that take all my coins. Had some way to save my little money back? I was stolen? Or it’s a migration?
ID transaction
Answer any future questions
Yes, I use a paper wallet.
My pc didn’t infected
I’ve install Daedalus only to keep ada
I’ve uninstalled before take ada
And now I have 0 ada

Thank to everyone

That transaction seems not to exist. Check that you copied it correctly.

Only two transactions

Thank you, I was on hold and couldn’t reply, so I’ve create a new account

ADA is gone, that’s for sure. It to this address:

then to:

What’s interesting on this address and if you follow others, all transactions are split into 5 ADA:

Highly likely that you entered your secret key into a malicious app / programm or installed a wallet from some kind of strange source.

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just saw “Migrated Wallet” in your screenshot. This is legit, it happens when you upgrade Daedalus from any version before 0.12.0. It has nothing to do with the ADA being gone. (obvious, because the transaction was in 2018)


Thank you for help.

Do you remember installing some kind of other software? Trying out some kind of app, or anything a year ago?

Hi everyone,
From what I gather, this was not a loss or theft, but an upgrade in daedalus and the coins are NOT lost, just moved to the new wallet. If this statement is incorrect, please let me know.

Few other questions:

  • Can you all elaborate on “do you remember installing some kind of other software”? Like what type of software could steal ADA from a wallet? How can this be avoided?

  • Only funds would be able to be stolen if, (1) malware was actively monitoring what was happening on infected computer, (2) private key was actually keyed in by the user on infected computer.? — Are both these statements accurate?

  • If you are using a cold storage wallet that is offline, is this possible for malware to steal funds?

Want to make sure I am in the know so I can keep an eye out for any similar issues.


It’s incorrect. The wallet data migration of Daedalus 0.12 did not send ada to a new address (or wallet), it was about how the blockchain data is stored in files.

Also note Daedalus 0.12 was released in November 2018, the transaction that cleared the wallet did happen in August 2018.


Not on my personal computer, but I’ve use the Daedalus on my Enterprise computer, that could be infected.
I don’t know what software could do that, Sorry.

Thanks for clarifying!

I remember at least one person installing a legitimate-looking wallet app from an unofficial source, and discovering later on it had sent all their ADA to unknown addresses. Distrust anything you can’t download & verify directly through official Cardano channels…

Keeping your computer clean & malware-free should be done on general principle, of course. There’s probably no technical reason why a third-party application couldn’t brute-force its way into your wallet and steal your crypto. But why would anyone bother developing that as long as unsuspecting users can be tricked into simply handing them the keys? :wink: