Daedalus Wallet ADA Stolen

Hi, Can anyone help?

I had 529 ADA’s in my Daedalus wallet, with all passphrase and everything securely stored away. I accessed my PC wallet yesterday to find that someone had transferred all my ADA’s to another address.
I contacted the Cardano Support team, all they said was there was no way to get it back and maybe someone had hacked my PC.

Has anyone experienced similar case and is there a way to get the stolen ADA’s back?

Thank you

If someone had access to your seedphrase and transfered your coins to another address, theres nothing you can do to get those tokens back.

Best thing you can do : make some research and find where/how your seedphrase was compromised and take your learnings of that.

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Hi Zyroxa,

Thank you for your response. I have done a check and scanned my PC to see if there is any virus or malware, nothing in the scans. My wallet details and seedphrase not even on the computer that I use to hold my wallet. So no one had access to it.

Is there no for the Cardano support team to trace this and request it back given I had nothing to do with that transaction?

Thank you

No, thats the whole point of a decentralized network. There might be some ways to trace the coins and wait until they reach a CEX (like binance or Kraken) and then hope for the best that they act fast and lock these funds there. Other than that, you are out of chance.

Did you store your seedphrase digitally? Like on a cloud or in a password db or similar? Or had someone access to your physical backup of your seedphrase?