Daedalus ADA stolen 10 days ago

My Cardano was stolen from my Daedalus wallet :frowning:

The same has happened with my metamask wallet some months before, as I read many people had the same issue with metamask.
I was never think about this can happen with my Cardano wallet too. Iā€™m very dissapointed.

Did you use a trezor hardware wallet? It seems you have done something you should not, like using the same seedphrase on your software wallets as on your trezor. Or you saved the seedphrases on a .txt file or maybe a screenshot. If you know you have downloaded things from all over internet, it makes sense to make a clean reinstall of your operating system

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sounds to me like your computer is compromised. if you have keylogging malware installed or keylogging + screenshotting malware installed and you are NOT using a hardware wallet, then this could easily happen.

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