Lost ADA from Daedalus wallet installed on Laptop

Hey guys,

I hope someone can help me here, although I kinda lost all hope…

So I had about 800 ADA in my Daedalus wallet that was installed on my Macbook pro from the official website. A few days ago I opened the wallet to check how much ADA i received from the latest staking epoch when I realised that all my coins have been sent away from my wallet. I the transactions have been confirmed on the blockchain so I assume there is nothing that I can do to recover my ADA?

I want to point out that I kept the 24 words written in a notebook to which not even my wife did not have access.

Any ideas? Thanks so much.

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Did u ever downloaded a daedalus app for android?



Hey Alex,

No, I was about to, but realised that it’s a scam and only installed the official Daedalus app.

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then somehow the wallet was hacked :frowning:

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And I assume there’s nothing i can do about it or to get my coins back, right?

unfortunately nothing can be done :frowning: sorry

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Hi @GabrielPopa,

This is quite shocking :astonished:. I am so sorry to hear that. Like @Alexd1985, I have no idea what happened other than it’s getting hacked using brute force somehow.