Emergency! Wallet issue ADA on Daedalus all gone!

  1. I had Daedalus on my laptop. Had over 400,000 ada.

  2. Went to send 200,000 to finance to sell.

  3. Did not know “sending password” . I read the article

  1. checked that all my recovery words were goos and it went through. Then deleted the wallet.

  2. tried to restore the wallet but “a new recovery phrase come up w/12 new words”.

  3. Now I have zero -0- ADA.

  4. In a panic. I have the old restore words for my ada wallet. How do I restore the “old wallet” so I have my ada back?

  5. Do I delete this "new wallet - also called ada - and use the old restore words?

Panicked is NOT even close to how I feel.

OMG. I am restored. I was waiting for any help.

  1. I deleted Daedalus, and the “hidden folders”.
  2. downloaded
  3. restored using recovery phrase.
  4. ALL ADA (100%) are “back” in my wallet.



Pffffff luckely you got it
Must feel dammmm awful,but happy for you had your ada back.
Both are on the same ada spaceship,only you are selling some ada i am only buying last 2 year ton of ada hodl hodl see it in 2025 if you have a long breath and vission.
Our guru is asome smart charles h takes us on a journey to the outskirts of our galaxy

I’m only selling about 1/2.

Then when it drops a tiny bit I’ll buy it back and have more tokens.

4% gains done 25 times doubles my tokens. I may lose a few sometimes, but overall it’s been working well.