All of my ADA is gone! 13,800 ADA gone in 2 transactions!

Hi all! I just synced my Daedalus wallet to find that 13,800 was sent out in two different transactions. I have NO IDEA who did this. Is there anything I can possibly do or it’s just gone forever? This is insane. I had so much faith in the security of this and tried to keep my recovery phrase very private. So angry right now. Any ideas? Thanks!

you should thank yourself because you must have told them the password…lol. your adas gone forever

what kind of idiot flagged it looooool
bert must be right about people behind the scenes here

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A common mistake some users have been making is downloading a malicious version of Daedalus wallet. Refer to this post

I don’t know if this is the case with you, but if you downloaded Daedalus from a source other than the Daedalus website then this could be what happened.

you can buy it back for 450 usd now, not a big deal i guess


Can you provide more details? This happens way to often and is the main reason there won’t be any interest and adoption in the near future.

Waiting for the “Daedalus is secure” religious zealots to come, close the thread, delete messages and preach how people loosing money are just screw ups.

Maybe in your another wallet name

Then it’s not made for most of the population and don’t expect any adoption to happen.

Nothing that works in windows environment and has no 2 level authentication is secure.


Thank you for your genuine interest in this scenario. Here is what I know. I rarely open Daedalus and recently opened it to find all of my ADA gone in two transactions. It appears the wallet below went on a several day spree of sending a large amount of ADA to it, including mine. I’ve only downloaded the genuine copy of the wallet and my recovery key is kept in a secure location. I’m not an expert in this so if there is anything else you need, please don’t hesitate to ask. I’ll include the two transaction IDs below as well.




Hi there - I don’t have another wallet name, unfortunately. If you look at the wallet below, you’ll see the wallet went on a 5 days spree of collecting 178,000 ADA - 13,000 of them directly from my wallet.


Your commentary is completely unhelpful and insensitive and does nothing to help the community of people looking to build something positive. Go troll elsewhere.


**Daedalus is secure.

If you are driving down the highway, and someone is holding up a cardboard box that says: “We are having huge problems with the checking accounts at your bank! Pull over and set up an account with me to fix the bug!”, would you give him all your info?

If not, don’t do it online either. And if so, the whole world is “unsafe” for you.

There will always be people out there trying to scam you. Be careful who you trust, especially when they try and rush you into doing something right away!

Please explain when in my story someone tried to rush me into doing something right away? Might be helpful in explaining when someone got away with the ADA. I’m looking for solid explanations that will help others in the community.

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Hi @smwilh Scott
Sorry to hear you’re having this problem. It’s hard to formulate what exactly happened as each case is different. Unless someone had access to your computer or your private keys, they shouldn’t be able to have access to your Daedalus wallet.

I can suggest that you contact IOHK’s Help Desk who can try to look into this issue further. They can be contacted at by clicking the Support button. Include any/all details you can.


@ada88888 Please note that your account will now be suspended indefinitely.

You have already received 2 prior warnings, and calling our community members idiots while failing to provide helpful suggestions in a ‘community tech support’ post shows both offensive language and low-value content.

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Is this not what got you?](

I think I know what might have happened. At some point about 3 weeks ago I checked the Play Store for the Daedalus wallet. There was one with the EXACT logo and interface as the one I have on my laptop - the official one. I downloaded it and tried to restore to mobile using my recovery key. I tried once or twice, but got an error and figured I’d come back to it. I don’t have stable internet in the country I live in so I get errors all the time. I’m guessing the mobile app was fake and immediately took my recovery key. I no longer see the app in the Play Store. Coincidentally, I tried the mobile app again today and got the same error, so I deleted it. I then opened the official application and once it synced, I noticed my balance was 0.0000. And since I deleted the app, I can’t screenshot the icon. It was an exact duplicate and had slipped past the Play Store. That said, if anyone has idea or feedback, very happy to share. Feeling defeated. Be well, all!


It isn’t. I’ve just written a reply describing what I think happened.

Sadly enough you were not the only victim by this app.
Google should have a better screening of there apps before placing them on the Play Store.

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I feel sorry this happened to you. there is no official Deadalus app in the Play Store… Unfortunately you have been scammed. I know the feeling because it happened to me as well in the past with some MyEtherWallet scam.

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