My ada is gone in daedalus

My coin have been moved by someone
i dont know what i do

How was the wallet created?

That’s a lot of ADA. I’m sorry man! Hacks do happen, that’s why I keep mine on a paperwallet.

The wallet is still restoring by looking at the gray bar. You need to wait until the gray bar is finished.

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i restored after this happened.
my coin is zero, when complete restore

What paper wallet do you use?

The one that you can create with daedalus

While restoring the wallet the balance ahould still ve correct, at least it was when I was restoring my paper wallrt once

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You screenshots does not show any confirmations under ‘Transaction assurance Level’

The person restored the wallet. I am chatting with them on telegram. That money is gone. I am very sorry.

I agree, the newer version of Daedalus shows the current balance right away. ( My brain got stuck on 1.0 / 1.1 era, sorry)

Sorry let me clarify. Wondering what the process was with your original wallet creation.

Was it created by you?
How did you store your Passphrase?

If your ADA was sent out of your address and you did not do this. Unfortunately the likely scenario is that someone has stolen your ADA. I hope that is not the case but looking at it realistically I would have to assume that is the case.

I asked the questions above because if you did not create that wallet and maybe purchased the wallet from someone else who had preloaded it with ADA, then the person you bought it from is likely the thief.

If you created it, then I would think about how you stored it. If you held your passphrase on a google drive or similar services it’s possible that the google drive got hacked first and then they stole your passwords through there.

Obviously there is not much that can be done at this point, but based on the situation you might want to secure other personal accounts you may have to fix any security issues you may be having.

I am very sorry for your loss, I have to say though that this is the very reason why you should not be holding large amounts of ADA on one single wallet. By spreading out ADA over multiple wallets and storing your passphrase securely, you minimize your risk of loss.


Was this unfortunate person using a spending password? Regardless my heart goes out to them.

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With that amount of ada maybe hire an investigator ? I know I would not just stand idle if that happened to me. You can follow the transactions. If it ends in an exchange try to get a police case and get potentially bank account info then follow the money.

How did this happen? The Coles Notes version.

God I feel sick for this person.

Either someone gets access to your private key or access to your PC or some combination of both. This access could be physical access or remote access through malware or some combination of both. In my opinion the most secure approach is creating a private key on an offline air-gapped PC that has never and will never connect to the outside world. That option is not yet available for Cardano and it makes me nervous as hell.

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May have been a result of this:

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Likely yup.

There is a very real need for another layer in the “be your own bank” reality of crypto. This is heartbreaking.

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Could you please let us know if you installed the fake update?