HACKED? All my Cardano gone from my Deadalus Wallet — Steemit

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Daedalus Wallet being reliant on hackable environment and lack of additional security is the reason I don’t invest in Cardano yet. Still waiting for ledger as well.

It’s sad my posts get flagged and deleted. Could have prevented some people from losing their funds. Unfortunately some mods are very short sighted.


I totally agree. If I would have been warned before I would have never bought ADA and stored it in the Deadalus wallet. Is there any chance to revert my funds (hack the hackers)?

I dont know of any Daedualus “hack” that has ever occurred. All Ive seen is peoples own out security.


I’m afraid not. However you should consult someone more versed in this topic.

Right. Blame the people, it always has to be their fault. It’s totally the best solution for increasing security an mass adoption, when everyone is afraid to invest their funds in crypto there won’t be a problem of theft anymore. Success!

Blame the people they prefer banking system because it’s safer. Don’t change anything.

So you’re trying to say it is my own fault that somebody hacked my Deadalus account and stole my money?

There’s also a lot of fraud / phishing going on with regular payment systems. Unfortunately people are unfamiliar with crypto and the risks.

@Difidifi Did you (try to) install a Daedalus app on your mobile lately?

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No. I am using a Laptop only for my crypto assets, that is not related to my work and gaming PC.
I am not doing anything on my mobile phone.
And yes, I am familiar with risks, that’s why I installed the official Deadalus Wallet. I thought I’d be safe

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The security of the wallet is irrelevant if someone got a hold of your private keys. So far everyone who lost money out of Daedalus lost their private keys… Either stored on their PC and PC got hacked, or they entered them on a fake website / Daedalus app.


First of all the scale isn’t even comparable. 2% of all crypto asset were stolen worldwide

Secondly banking system is still much safer and even when your funds get stolen, you still have a chance to get them back. With crypto you don’t. That is why many people won’t invest and a lot of them won’t anymore.

Don’t blame the people, blame bad solutions. Unless you don’t want crypto to get popular, then I guess no improvements are needed.

This is precisely what we are talking about. The environment of the wallet is not secure, which makes the wallet not secure. This can be improved, but so far all I hear is opposition - people claiming from their high horses how the wallet is secure and it’s the fault of the dumb plebs. And then they wonder why Cardano is still so unpopular losing a race with other shitcoins despite having superior technology.

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environment of the wallet is not secure

I assume you mean the user’s operating system.
Just making sure that you aware of the below (options that do not rely on users operating system):

  • Daedalus supports offline paper wallets
  • Yoroi supports trezor wallets (model T)
  • Ledger support for Yoroi is almost ready and in final stages (the firmware which was blocking this development was only released ~20 days ago)
  • Support for multisig tx is on the roadmap

Yes and I look forward to Ledger support and multisig finalized. Hopefully it’ll come soon.

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Might be a bit off topic. But if you transfer your ADA to a ledger and leave your private keys on your PC, will they not still be able to steal your coins if they hack your pc and find your keys? Or is there extra security added by sending it to a ledger?

Hi, very sorry to hear about your loss. I wanted to confirm that you were using a spending password with your account. Thanks.

I think you should look into some ways you could help solve some of the security issues in crypto that are holding back adoption. A lot of people would be grateful.


that still doesn’t make it right

Indeed, I have a set up a spending password. that did not stop the hacker to get the funds out of my closed wallet.
I found out the hacker and source of the hack: https://www.reddit.com/user/WiseHousing/
I installed something that I believed was a general exchange: https://www.cryptocurrencywatch.co/
It turned out that it infected my laptop and opened the door for this criminal.

And when you use a Ledger Nano, how is it not prone to the same issue as Daedalus? You still have a recovery phrase that can be used to steal your funds if they end up in the wrong hands. I agree that having a cold wallet is better than a hot one, but you are still susceptible to some of the same attacks.


I’m truly sorry. I found this article that may be of some small help:

I didn’t know it was possible to declare it an insurance loss with some policies. You should probably notify law enforcement.

At some point I’d like to see a white hat organization that helped track hacker addresses.