Scam Mobile Daedelus Wallet

I recently tried downloading the mobile version of Daedalus on the android app store, wallet thinking it was legitamite.

The scammer has created a fake version of Daedelus on mobile.

Is there a way to recover the funds or reverse the transaction?

Please advise

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sorry mate,
by the protocol, is not possible

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This has nothing to do with the protocol

The scammer has used the daedelus wallet name and IOHK name to create a fake wallet to steal seed phrase from users who download the fake app.

This looks incredibly bad for cardano community and I will be reaching out to press and legal support to ensure Google is held responsible for hosting a known fraudulent application on their app store.

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i wish you the best for as much possible better results for you my friend.

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So sorry for your loss arafalo2
I agree and hope that Google and YouTube are held to answer for their lack of care in protecting customers using their services and you ultimately receive redress.

In particular the last few years Google have been controlling content displayed and manipulating search results to ‘protect’ their customers.
It’s despicable that they allow what is an obvious fraud to be listed on PlayStore at all, then they compound the problem with delays in removing it, especially when they were advised many times by the Cardano community as soon as people spotted this fraudulent app.

YouTube get paid millions for adverts they allow on their platform, there appears very little or no checking of the adverts and millions are being stolen by ‘Free ADA (and other coin) Giveaways’

Google and YTube need to be held accountable and hope your posting here highlights the problem and it provides greater awareness to the growing crypto family :heart_eyes:

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@arafalo2 There’s been plenty of reports here on this app. If you’re going to take legal action against google, and I suggest you do, you should include any and all that have been affected. First, it might make it financially more feasible, and second, it might create for a stronger case. People on the forum here will be more than happy to direct more individuals towards any thread you create in support of this.

I don’t know if there anyone with knowledge of good lawyers for this?

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This just happened to me overnight. same situation. exactly. what actions did you take? any luck with recovering funds?

I reached out to Google and they doing an investigation into the criminal activity.

They have since reached back to me a few days ago concerning this matter.

I brevet legal counsel may be the best approach in this situation.

Additionally, I have reached out to coindesk to publish a story about what happened as this would put more pressure on Google to take more time in reviewing applications on their platform and may motivate them to refund those who lost money directly from using the application.

I believe we should make a forum dedicated completely to compiling a list of who has lost funds due to the malicious application.

People that are scammed are few and far between, so I wouldn’t think that making a forum would be the best idea. Good on you for reporting it instead of shrugging it off!