Current Mobile Scam Beware

Beware, there is a new scam about to obtain ADA. there was a high volume trade between 2-5pm today 2/15/2021 which dumped from what I can see, about 1/8th of the trading today (1,131,700,000) coins were dumped from a massive phishing scheme. They duplicated all the daedalus icons, and impersonated the daedalus wallet for mobile app (which there is none according to Daedalus).

every detail except for the email address was perfectly setup, and alot of people got phished. the warning signs were few, but at roughly 2pm EST anyone who had this wallet has probably had their coins transferred out.

I’m attaching this link for reference. please do not use this app, I’ve confirmed that it is a phishing attempt. If you’ve downloaded this app near the time of my writing, transfer your coins asap and get them out of the wallet. It will ask you to setup the wallet and will go through getting your passphrase etc.
the end result, you’re going to lose all your coins if you’ve given them any info.

TD;DR - Bad scam for android users, fake crypto wallet strikes again, takes alot of people, they lose all their coins (don’t download, the link is below (seriously don’t use it)


Just an FYI,

Another fool whos parted ways with is cash :frowning:


These scams are inevitable but it would be a good time to ask IOG (@IOHK_Tim maybe, since this is a significant marketing issue?) how they intend to coordinate with Google to avoid impersonations on the Android / Google Play store (Apple probably has this covered due to their stricter app & vendor authentication requirements).

Note to moderators: this is not a direct link to the app;
Note to users: any app you see here is a scam and a fake:

It could be something as simple as publishing a vendor page pre-emptively since there is some policy on Google Play to prevent vendors from impersonating each other. That page of course would have to have a little information & at least as much design flair as the scammers, who at least bothered to create 100 fake reviews for the fake Daedalus app. For instance the Emurgo page associated with Yoroi is currently empty:,+Ltd

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It seems Google Play got it off of its service

Well I made an expensive mistake. I just wanted to warn people since it looked so legit. I’m glad it’s been pulled from Google. I made a new wallet and restated some more ada. I really believe in this project, and although I had a setback I didn’t spend more than I could afford. I’ll be packing a lunch instead of eating at restaurants this month, but that’s a small price to pay for such an awesome project.


Here’s the hilarious thing: they did pull the malicious app from the Google Play store, but at the time of this writing the link I posted above for the fake IОНK Inc. is still live. That means people who downloaded the fake wallet will still see legitimate-looking contact information for the scammer in the Play Store.

@Cardano-Foundation any idea the best way, besides the tag in my previous comment, to direct this aspect of the matter to IOG’s attention? Or perhaps the CF itself could use its own influence to blow the whistle with Google?

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Unfortunately they never got it off their Australian play store and I got scammed on 28/2/2021 :frowning:

me too bro :frowning:

Contact this person re class action:
(copied from their post)
Anyone that has been affected by the Google play store daedalus Fake App.
There is a class action lawsuit against google for verifying the fake app.
We need all the people that have fallen victim to this scam.
My twitter is @Josh88065262.
Please get in touch!

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