How to be safe online? - Beware of crypto scams!

Being vigilant and safe online is important especially in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space!

Recently, there have been reports about lost ADA caused by installing fake Daedalus mobile wallets, accessing scam/fake websites pretending to be affiliated with Cardano (Foundation), or opening links from suspicious direct messages on Telegram regarding Daedalus updates. The Cardano community should be aware of these possible scams and make sure to stay safe online.

Be aware that:

:no_mobile_phones: There is no mobile Daedalus for the Apple Appstore or the Android Google Playstore.

  • The Official Daedalus wallet is only available on windows, mac & linux and can only be downloaded from its official website:
  • If you want a mobile wallet for your ADA, please download the official Yoroi from the Google Playstore (Android only)

:x: Please do not click on links from any unofficial direct message claiming to be from Cardano Foundation, IOHK, Emurgo or Daedalus.

  • The Cardano project and its organizations will never deliver official announcements to individual users through direct messages. Updates will be posted through our official social media accounts and websites.
  • If you encounter suspicious messages, websites or accounts please report them to

Tools To Help Secure Your Computer

What are some of the recommended tools to use to help keep my computer secure? Check it from IOHK support website.

Tips to keep yourself safe online:

When dealing with any sort of funds transfer and/or trading of Cardano Ada or any other cryptocurrency, it is especially important to be extra cautious.

Here are some security tips that we recommend:

  • Use good judgement and critical thinking when using a site / service - if it looks to good to be true, it probably is and always check the URL address! Please see below for a list of our official websites.
  • Ensure that you use the official Daedalus wallets for Windows, Mac or Linux, which can only be downloaded from the official website:
  • Please be aware of fake / scam smartphone apps. There is currently no official Android or iOS Daedalus wallets available.
  • We, or any of the Cardano affiliated organizations/personnel, will never ask you to send us Ada or other cryptocurrencies. Please be aware of scams like this that have appeared on Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms.
  • Do not disclose your balance or portfolio details online. This can make you a target to hackers.
  • Do not rush into anything, it is often a case of doing a little online research which can reveal a scam or something which has been flagged by the community.
  • Read through the ‘Security Tip’ for Daedalus here.

Finally, if you have suspicions or would like to report a scam, please email us immediately at As an official Cardano organization, we can often put increased pressure on 3rd parties to take down scams. Our first action will be to contact the hosting provider, domain registrant or social media platform directly. We also rely on the community reporting these directly to 3rd parties, so please do report any scams directly with the relevant party.

Cardano official sites:

Cardano official communities:


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Interesting article and thanks for the tips! The world of cryptocurrency is full of scams so that some people might even wonder whether or not to invest their money in digital currencies.


thanks @avensis please let us know if you found any suspicious accounts or messages :slight_smile:

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Fyi. unofficial:

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@avensis this isnt the place to advertise apps that are not related to Cardano. I’ve edited your post but please keep this in mind next time :slight_smile: