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Cardano Ecosystem Celebrating Ada Lovelace Day

In 1844 a paper was released by a person that went by the name of “A.A.L”.
A.A.L. discussed a theoretical machine being worked on by mathematician Charles Babbage. A.A.L. then theorized that this machine could one day be able to perform all kinds of complex equations and even create music. A.A.L. wrote a set of commands for the still incomplete machine that would allow it to generate Bernoulli numbers. It was not until 20 years after her death that A.A.L. was revealed to be “Augusta Ada Lovelace”. Today she is considered the world’s first computer programmer.
While Ada Lovelace came very close to being featured on the new British £50 note – she unfortunately did not make it. However, our Cardano token — ada — was named in honor of this great British mathematical visionary who worked on the Analytical Engine, a mechanical general-purpose computer design.

Nathan Kaiser’s op-ed in the CityAM, British newspaper

Nathan Kaiser, Chairperson of the Cardano Foundation, shares his thoughts in the latest op-ed in the CityAM, a British newspaper, about how important it is to bring together developers, regulators, and policymakers to future-proof blockchain.

Read Nathan’s Forum Post Here

New Balance Announces Collaboration & Pilot Program with Cardano Ecosystem.

In line with Charles Hoskinson (IOHK)’s earlier announcement made on September 28 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, about the New Balance collaboration and a pilot project powered by Cardano blockchain technology, New Balance has recently released a statement of their own via various social media and news outlets. A limited edition New Balance basketball athletic shoes are set to drop soon, featuring a new blockchain authentication verification system, developed with IOHK. IOHK is excited to be involved with this project, and looks forward to sharing more behind the scenes news. Stay tuned!

Check out New Balance’s Announcement

Cardano Development Updates: AMA With David Esser and Shelley Testnet Developer Team

Last week, David Esser and part of the IOHK Shelley Testnet development team held the second Cardano Development AMA. These AMAs are great to learn from and if you have any (technical or specific) questions about Shelley, the incentivized testnet or the upcoming rollout of various implementations of the protocol. Check it out and be on the lookout for more AMAs soon. You can follow the link and replay the AMA below.

Watch the Cardano Development Update #2

IOHK also provides Shelley Testnet Newsletter updates weekly on Fridays. Please check out the updates on our Forum. And for the very latest technical updates you can follow all the commits and pull requests in the community GitHub.

If you are not already part of the conversation, you will find a hive of activity over at the stake pool

Best Practice Telegram.

Read about Shelley Testnet: Week 16 Update

Cardano Highlights: The Cardano Ambassadors’ Stories

The Cardano Ambassador program was launched in December 2018, with its first group of Ambassadors joining in January 2019. The reason for launching this program is because within the Cardano community, we have some very active members. These are the individuals who are recognized as going above and beyond what a normal community member might do, by offering regular, consistent, and positive contributions to the project. We call these special people the “Cardano Ambassadors”, and they are active in various roles:

  • Meetup Organizer
  • Translator
  • Moderator
  • Content Creator

It has been a while since we have highlighted the Ambassador stories, and for those who are not familiar with them and their work, please read all about them in the link below.

Read The Ambassador Stories Here

Cardano Foundation Attending Community Meetups in NYC and Washington DC

This week on October 15 and 16, Nathan Kaiser, Chairperson of the Cardano Foundation, was attending and meeting with Cardano community members in New York and Washington DC to share the recent steps the Foundation has taken to expand its reach and influence. The US East Coast roadshow will conclude in Boston on October 24, with Nathan meeting community members in Massachusetts.

Read More Here

EMURGO: Introducing More Merchants Accepting Cardano ADA Part 2

As the official commercial arm of Cardano, the first third-generation blockchain to evolve through a research-driven approach, EMURGO strives to drive Cardano adoption and raise brand awareness of the Cardano ecosystem. To this end, EMURGO also works hard to bring more real use cases for ADA to the lives of everyday users. With open products such as our in-house developed Yoroi Wallet, Seiza Cardano Blockchain Explorer and Tangata Manu, EMURGO is gradually releasing useful products to bring more stakeholders into adopting Cardano and to deliver the tools necessary for developers to bring their own talented skills into the Cardano ecosystem.

To that extent, the Cardano Foundation is also working towards developing an adaPay solution, with more details coming later this month…

Continue Reading

Cardano Anniversaries Tokyo Meetup Event, Celebrating 2 years of Cardano, special announcement and much more.

EMURGO is very excited to have hosted another Meetup event in our Tokyo office on October 15th, 2019 to celebrate a number of important milestones, including the 2nd year Anniversary of ADA’s listing, Yoroi’s 1st Year Anniversary, and the launch of Tangata Manu our latest product! The Meetup also included an announcement that EMURGO has joined NTT Docomo’s “5G Open Partner Program” in Japan. NTT Docomo is Japan’s number one mobile services provider, similar to AT&T is in the USA. What does this mean? Check out Nicolas’ (CTO of EMURGO) Twitter thread below.

More details to follow soon!

Check Nicolas’ Twitter Thread

EMURGO’s Cardano Progress Update by Sebastien for October

Sebastien from EMURGO has created another Cardano Progress Update video. In the video Sebastien talks about several recent updates about the Testnet, as well as on other parts of the project such as:
Shelley WASM, Cardano-SL 3.1, Daedalus 1.5, New Shelley certificate, IELE paper, Kachina, SoK: Communication across distributed ledgers and “Proof of Burn”. Interested? Watch the video below.

Check Sebastien’s Video Update

The Cardano Foundation started WeChat!

In line with the Cardano Foundation’s efforts to expand the community and presence in the Asian regions, an official Cardano Foundation WeChat account has been registered and is now live! You can follow it for the latest updates from within the Cardano Ecosystem, and much more! Please scan the QR-code in the picture above. (Please note: there is no link available for this!)

The Cardano Foundation is Hiring

The Cardano Foundation is expanding their teams. Are you interested in working with us? The project continues to grow and we are always looking for great talent! There are a few exciting new roles at the Cardano Foundation. Check out the available positions below!

Careers with the Cardano Foundation

Cardano Community Meetups

Upcoming Meetups

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24 Oct Boston Cardano Meetup with Nathan Kaiser, USA (Details TBD)
25 Oct Primera reunión Cardano Blockchain, República Dominicana Santo Domingo by Pamel Matos
2 Nov Cardano Meetup & Discussion by Hideki Takeshi, Tokyo Japan
21 Nov Cardano meetup in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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