EMURGO: Introducing More Merchants Accepting Cardano ADA Part 2

As the official commercial arm of Cardano, the first third-generation blockchain to evolve through a research-driven approach, EMURGO strives to drive Cardano adoption & raise brand awareness of the Cardano ecosystem. To this end, EMURGO also works hard to bring more real use cases for ADA to the lives of everyday users. With open products such as our in-house developed Yoroi Wallet, Seiza Cardano Blockchain Explorer, and Tangata Manu, EMURGO is gradually releasing useful products to bring more stakeholders into adopting Cardano and to deliver the tools necessary for developers to bring their own talented skills into the Cardano ecosystem.

In late June 2019, EMURGO held a special ADA launch event in Osaka, Japan. This launch event celebrated the introduction of Cardano ADA payments at a famous charcoal grill BBQ restaurant “Yakiniku Tamura,” run by popular Japanese comedian Kenji Tamura. For a full EMURGO blog & video recap of the event, please go here.

This event marked another one of EMURGO’s efforts to increase the number of merchants accepting Cardano ADA payments, in order to increase recognition and awareness among the general public about the useful utility of Cardano ADA. Previously, EMURGO had also partnered with South Korean fintech company Metaps Plus to release an ADA Crypto Card that could be used at 30,000+ merchants across South Korea.

In this post, we will introduce another merchant that has already begun accepting Cardano ADA payments, thanks to the assistance of one of our loyal Cardano community members, Miyatake.

Note: The first part of this series can be found at the following link.

Introducing More Merchants Accepting Cardano ADA

ToStart (Coworking space): We want to be at the forefront of the cashless payment revolution!

The wave of cashless payments is gradually spreading even in Japan, and we wanted to be quick to adapt to the changing times! In addition to accepting the Cardano ADA cryptocurrency, ToStart also accepts digital payments through smartphone-based PayPay.

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