EMURGO: More Merchants to Accept Cardano (ADA) Part 3

EMURGO strives to build tailored blockchain solutions & drive real Cardano adoption to bring value to ADA holders. One such way is through bringing more real use cases for ADA to the lives of everyday users. To date, EMURGO has successfully developed & launched Yoroi Wallet, Seiza Cardano Blockchain Explorer, and Tangata Manu to bring utility for ADA holders. These products are constantly updated and developed to be compatible with Cardano’s roadmap and are a great example of the technical solutions EMURGO can provide.

Last year, EMURGO held a special ADA launch event in Osaka, Japan. This launch event celebrated the introduction of Cardano ADA payments at a famous charcoal grill BBQ restaurant “Yakiniku Tamura,” run by popular Japanese comedian Kenji Tamura. Read more about it here.

Previously, EMURGO had also partnered with South Korean fintech company Metaps Plus to release an ADA Crypto Card that could be used at 30,000+ merchants across South Korea and this special event was another way to bring ADA utility to reality.

Accepting ADA payments is fast, secure, and easy to implement thanks to our developed solution: Yoroi Wallet. Payment settlements are nearly instant and businesses can enjoy reduced fees.

In our previous articles, EMURGO had introduced many businesses accepting Cardano ADA payments which you can read again at the following links.

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Now, we are here to introduce even more businesses accepting Cardano ADA!

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