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Cardano Foundation welcomes establishment of SANBA to catalyze blockchain use in South-Africa

At the beginning of this month, the Cardano Foundation welcomed the establishment of the South-African National Blockchain Alliance (SANBA) and looks forward to exploring further ways to expand its footprint in the region. South Africa aims to employ blockchain in its efforts to boost socio-economic growth and SANBA will play a key role.

The establishment of SANBA, Cardano Foundation’s newest ally in driving adoption of blockchain, is a step forward towards bringing economic inclusion to the country of 59 million. SANBA is a partnership between the state, business community, academia and civil society to fast-track the use of blockchain in South-Africa. SANBA is supported by the South-African Government, State Department of Science and Innovation, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, Office of Digital Advantage and other institutions.

Read the press release

Watch Charles’ congratulatory video message

IOHK Blog: We need you for a Daedalus testing program!

The Daedalus team is opening up IOHK’s wallet testing program to all ada owners. The aim is to seek the help of a broad range of people who can test – on a rolling basis – the latest interface features being readied for the next release version of Daedalus. This will be a fully-functioning version of the wallet, called Daedalus Flight, so you will be able to spend and receive ada as usual – and give the team valuable feedback to improve the experience with each release.

Daedalus Product Manager Darko Mijić has laid out the details for people who want to take part.

*Please note: Daedalus Flight is not recommended for beginners that are new to crypto or Daedalus wallet. Real mainnet ada is being used! Please use at your own peruse.

Read the full blog here

IOHK Blog: Architecting Shelley - an interview with Duncan Coutts

A fireside chat with Duncan Coutts, Cardano’s chief technical architect, about Haskell and delivering Shelley.

Duncan Coutts has been an important guide on the road to the Cardano Shelley mainnet—long-time supporters of IOHK and Cardano are likely familiar with his signature long hair, beard, and penchant for drinking tea while discussing decentralization in front of a white board.

Duncan recently sat down for an interview to discuss the upcoming Byron reboot, the Haskell Shelley testnet, and the conclusion of the pre-Shelley development cycle. Coutts, who has been working with IOHK since 2016, brings a wealth of knowledge from working with the Haskell programming language for nearly 20 years, as well as helping found the Well-Typed consultancy.

Read the interview here

The Cardano Effect: Casey Monroe (CF) and Aparna Jue (IOHK)

Ever wondered how crypto community management works? What are the best practices?

Check out this episode of TCE with Community Management expert Casey Monroe, the Senior Community Engagement and Strategy Lead at CF, to learn the answers to these questions and more in this fun and enlightening episode!

Watch the Cardano Effect podcast and don’t forget to hit that like and subscribe button!

Check out TCE Episode with Casey Monroe

Have you watched the latest TCE episode with Aparna Jue from IOHK?

It’s very information packed and fast paced. In this podcast with Aparna Jue, Cardano Product Director at IOHK, sheds light on the effort and vision required to deliver a world class crypto currency to the blockchain space.

Check out TCE Episode with Aparna Jue

Charles Hoskinson Cardano Update, AMA and thoughts on COVID-19 - 05/04/2020

On April 5th 2020, Charles Hoskinson sat down to give an update on the recent work of IOHK on Cardano. He also discussed developments in the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Quick Summary:

  • Alongside the recent technical output, IOHK, the Cardano Foundation and EMURGO are all concentrating their efforts on commercialization and marketing, and McCann’s brand refresh is looking promising.

  • The Byron reboot is currently percolating through Cardano. Meanwhile, the Root9B audit report will be made available shortly.

  • IOHK will be presenting on private computation and SNARKS at the ZKProof online workshop in April through May.

  • April will likely be one of the most difficult months for COVID-19, but we are encouraged by some of the recent medical innovations in terms of testing.

  • A global level crisis like this has the potential to be used to erode civil liberties and he encourages our supporters to use decentralized tools to make their voices heard.

Watch and Read the full recap here

EMURGO Blog: Traceability Solution for Supply Chain Transparency and a Healthy Business Climate

Traceability can be defined as the ability to find information about where and how a product is produced or the ability to find or follow something. In the context of blockchain technology, traceability means any changes to the data/information stored in it can be known and tracked. Traceability will be very useful if implemented in the supply chain because the information/data movement of goods from each supply chain can be validated.

Read more in Indonesian: Supply Chain and Digital Identity based on Blockchain: More significant and impactful

Read the EMURGO Traceability blog

Watch the video here

EMURGO Blog: More Merchants to Accept Cardano (ADA) Part 3

EMURGO strives to build tailored blockchain solutions & drive real Cardano adoption to bring value to ADA holders. One such way is through bringing more real use cases for ADA to the lives of everyday users. To date, EMURGO has successfully developed & launched Yoroi Wallet, Seiza Cardano Blockchain Explorer, and Tangata Manu to bring utility for ADA holders. These products are constantly updated and developed to be compatible with Cardano’s roadmap and are a great example of the technical solutions EMURGO can provide.

Last year, EMURGO held a special ADA launch event in Osaka, Japan. This launch event celebrated the introduction of Cardano ADA payments at a famous charcoal grill BBQ restaurant “Yakiniku Tamura,” run by popular Japanese comedian Kenji Tamura. Read more about it here.

Read the blog

EMURGO Software Release: Yoroi Wallet Nightly Announcement

In this software release video, Sebastien introduces Yoroi Nightly!

Yoroi Nightly allows users to quickly give us feedback on improvements to the Yoroi extension and Yoroi Mobile applications as we develop them. We would love for you to help us improve our products and are looking forward to your feedback!

Join the Yoroi Nightly Discord group here:

Watch Sebastien’s video

Help the Cardano Foundation Community Management Team Support Folding@Home Research for COVID-19!

Cardano community members from around the world have already joined the Cardano Community Management Team on Folding@Home to help fight COVID-19. The team number is: 244483

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