Hosting your Cardano Meetup and how to get started

:arrow_forward: Cardano Community Meet-Up Guidelines

Are you interested in hosting a Cardano meetup in your city? We’ve put together some guidelines to get you started. We wholeheartedly support community-run meetups to grow and foster our global community and to help share the goals and vision behind the Cardano project.

Why not start one in your town or city? Read on for our guide…

Getting Started:

Please start by reading this forum post on our meetup tips and by checking out the forum category to see whether there are meetups already happening in your city! Feel free to reply to this post with feedback on any information that you feel is needed to get started as an organizer.

Organizer Tips:

  • Connect with other Cardano community members to help you with the meetup logistics, setup, promotion and outreach. You can use our many social channels (including this meetup category) to find like-minded individuals in your region. We recommend having a team of 2-3 to host a successful event, but of course, we’ve seen outstanding meetups happen with one organizer.
  • Make sure you have the time to take on this responsibility. Successful meetup groups will take commitment and consistent action.

Meetup Group Tips:

  • We highly recommend using Start by creating a Cardano meetup group for your city.
  • Make sure there aren’t any existing Cardano community groups in your area by using the ‘Explore’ page
  • Be sure to tag “Cardano” in your meetup group settings to make it easier to find your group. To do this, go to your meetup group’s homepage > select the three dots and select Manage group > Open the Topics section > Add a topic by entering into the field > enter “Cardano” and select > Save Settings. Full instructions here.
  • And be sure to join the official Cardano meetup group to see our upcoming events.

Content Development Tips:

  • Specify the audience and focus for your group: it can be for general interest and discussion, for developers and those interested in the coding aspect or something different. The more precise you can be, the better!
  • Create an agenda for your specified audience. This helps make sure people know what they are signing up for.
  • If this is the first meetup in your city, consider a casual meetup where the agenda includes discussion on the goals and focus for your meetup group. This way, you can involve your local community and get feedback on everyone’s interests.

Event Tips:

  • Be sure to post the event on your group page as soon as you have set the details.
  • Choose a venue which will be accessible and central in your city.
    Other aspects to consider:
    -Price/cost of the venue (free is always best!)
    -Space (depending on the size of your group)
    -Ambiance (is it a casual meet & greet or will there be a presentation?)
    -Noise levels (bars are great for casual meetups, but can get too loud at times)
  • Check out co-working spaces, incubators, local companies in your city that may be willing to provide a venue space.

Promotion Tips:

  • Once you have your group and event details confirmed, please feel free to reach out to our team at, we are in the process of creating an Event page. In the meantime, we would love to help promote your event across our social channels and/or newsletter.
  • Promote your event here in this forum meetup category and across social media. Use #CardanoCommunity so the Cardano team and community can follow along with all your events.

Code of Conduct

  • As always, we strive to create an open, welcoming community. As a Cardano meetup organizer, we expect the same code of conduct to be upheld.
  • Please treat all community members with respect.
  • We will not tolerate/support any groups or events that act in discriminatory behaviour.
  • If you are aware of any meetup events or organizers who are behaving inappropriately (discriminating, scamming, phishing community members), please do let us know at

Finally, we would love to see and share any photos from your event. Please email photos to us at We look forward to working with all of you! :blush:


@maki.mukai Fantastic! We’re excited for the next official London Meetup - any idea when? :smile:

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Thank you for sharing

Is there anyone from Seattle area here?

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Oh yes! :slight_smile: We are working on our first ever Seattle meetup now - tentatively slated for May, downtown Bellevue likely at Microsoft offices.
There’s a thread here:

and/or we also have a group on FB!

Hope to see you there!

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Unfortunately, no meetup this month. :frowning: but we will definitely have one in April! :smiley:

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Next > Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, China

Cardano is the best :kissing_heart:

Me too. I think there is already a London group? but I have never been.

Can we ask them if they will organise one, or should we just do one?

Anyone Interested in a Meetup in Switzerland?

Where are you based in Switzerland? I am in Geneva. I’ve tried to set up one in january but no one replied :joy:

I’m In Basel, I thought there would be some interest in Zurich maybe we need to wait a while for things to develop…

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Hi Martin, we do have a London group already with regular meetups. You can join our group here: :slight_smile:

Thanks boss, I joined.

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Great! Looking forward to seeing you at our next London meetup :+1:

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@MARTIN_SMITH @maki.mukai Hi, we’ll be attending April’s London meetup and look forward to seeing you there!

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Welcome to Tel aviv !

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I love to start a local Meetup group. Will this something that’s going to be sponsored by the Cardano or do we have to shill out our own money?

Thank you,

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This your question always tremble my mine so I will also be waiting to see how they will answer it. Thank you

I asked @maki.mukai this question yesterday via PM will publish her answer here

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