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Cardano Anniversary: Celebrating Two Years of Cardano!

Cardano and ada have recently celebrated its second anniversary of its listing, with a celebration event in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, on 28 September 2019.
The Cardano ecosystem entities and teams did their best to embrace the community and celebrate together, and to highlight the progress made over the past two years. A big thank you for all that have participated and made our campaigns so successful. Please read more about the event on our Forum and check out EMURGO’s 2-Year Anniversary Video down below!

Read Cardano Foundation’s Release Here

Read IOHK Tim Harrison’s Recap Here

Charles’ keynote address from Cardano’s 2nd Anniversary meetup in Plovdiv, Bulgaria 28 September 2019.
This event was hosted in partnership with Agrarian University Plovdiv.

Watch IOHK David Esser’s 2-Year Anniversary Video

Watch The 2-Year Anniversary’s AMA Video

Watch EMURGO’s 2-Year Anniversary Video on YouTube

IOHK Blog: Unboxing the Blockchain – the Shelley Testnet Making its Network Debut

About two weeks ago, a team from IOHK, along with Cardano Ambassadors and representatives from the Cardano Foundation, met at a co-working space in London. After a quick presentation, laptops were switched on and a few Rock Pi computers were booted up. An hour later, we had them all connected to a peer-to-peer network of nodes. It was the first instance of the new networked Shelley testnet available for the community to join. Read more about it in the link below!

Read IOHK’s Latest Shelley Update

IOHK also provides Shelley Testnet Newsletter updates weekly on Fridays. Please check out the updates on our Forum. And for the very latest technical updates you can follow all the commits and pull requests in the community GitHub.

If you are not already part of the conversation, you will find a hive of activity over at the stake pool Best Practice Telegram.

Read about Shelley Testnet: Week 13 Update

Read about Shelley Testnet: Week 14 Update

Cardano Foundation appoints Tommy Kammerer as Content Creator and Community Manager

The Cardano Foundation – in line with its worldwide expansion plans – has strengthened its geographic coverage in Europe by appointing Tommy Kammerer (@ADAtainment) as the new Content Creator and Community Manager – effective immediately.

This appointment is a direct response to the community needs for relevant technical content and is another step towards the Foundation’s community growth goal. Tommy is the first-ever Community Manager serving the German-speaking communities in Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

Read More About Tommy’s Appointment

EMURGO Blog: “Blockchain Use Case: The Internet of Things (IoT)”

As our world continues to become increasingly interconnected with the advent of new technologies, we must also be able to adapt to new lifestyle changes. With blockchain gaining momentum as a pioneering technology for industries and societies, we can take a look at its potential application into certain emerging areas that show great future potential.

Read More Here

EMURGO Blog: “How to use GitHub and other tools to analyze blockchain projects and what they say about Cardano (ADA)”

EMURGO, as the official and commercial venture arm of Cardano — the first third generation blockchain to evolve out of a research-driven approach, manages the Yoroi repositories, the private Seiza blockchain explorer repository, the Cardano Reddit sub, and a number of educational, marketing, and outreach efforts; part of our job is to give readers an informative insight into the Cardano project.

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EMURGO’s Cardano Progress Update #7 by Florian Bohnert

New EMURGO Update Video! Our CMO, Florian Bohnert, covers recent events including:

  • The release of Tangata Manu by EMURGO and financed by the Cardano Foundation
  • MOUs with Indian universities and Korean associations
  • Partnerships with Blockchain for Europe and Chamber of Digital Commerce

+ much more!

Watch Florian’s Video Here

Cardano Ambassadors in Bulgaria

The Cardano Community is truly something we can be proud of and we will continue to help grow it as best and as organically as possible. The Cardano ecosystem is about steady growth, both as a project as well as the community itself.
Last week’s 2-year anniversary event is one of such results. Let us introduce some of these special community members that have dedicated their time and energy to help make this community better, more involved and exciting. We invited four Ambassadors to the venue and participate in the event, and a fifth one helped organize it (Vasil).
Please check out some of their recaps, pictures and (sometimes exclusive) videos!

(From left to right in the picture are: Marin, Carlos, Vasil (co-organizer), Josh and Kenny)

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Watch Kenny’s Video and Recap Here

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25 Oct First Cardano Blockchain Meetup in the Dominican Rep. by Pamel Matos

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