Cardano Foundation appoints Tommy Kammerer as Content Creator and Community Manager

(Written by: Bakyt Azimkanov (@Bakyt_CF), Global PR, Communications and Marketing Director)

STUTTGART, 1 OCTOBER 2019. The Cardano Foundation – in line with its worldwide expansion plans – has strengthened its geographic coverage in Europe by appointing Tommy Oliver Kammerer (@ADAtainment) as the new Content Creator and Community Manager – effective immediately.

This appointment is a direct response to the community needs for relevant technical content and is another step towards the Foundation’s community growth goal. Tommy is the first-ever Community Manager serving the German-speaking communities in Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

In his new role, based in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, Tommy will be in charge of creating Cardano-related content and audiovisual materials. He will also focus on implementing the expansion strategy to grow and improve the reach of the Cardano content.

Working together with the global PR, Communications and Marketing and Community Management teams, he will work on messaging – including technical and audiovisual, expanding the community and promoting Cardano, as well as strengthening its brand, in more geographies. In collaboration with strategic ecosystem partners, IOHK and EMURGO, he will boost content creation and grow the Cardano community’s global reach.

@Hinrich Pfeifer, General Secretary of the Cardano Foundation, says:

“Tommy has a strong background in app and web development with a solid experience in blockchain. He has been an active Cardano community member since 2017. Tommy’s experience in building up ADAtainment, dedication to the project and creative approach of boiling down the technical nature of Cardano to bite-sized content will only benefit the Cardano Foundation and our community by adding value to our brand. His appointment will also cement our commitment to the German-speaking communities as we expand our reach.”

A native of Baden-Württemberg, Germany, Tommy went to the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany) to study Computer Science.

About the Cardano Foundation: The Cardano Foundation is an independent body based in Zug, Switzerland, with core responsibilities to help oversee and supervise the development of Cardano, the world’s first third-generation blockchain, and its ecosystem. The Foundation is committed to protecting and promoting Cardano, the first blockchain platform developed for smart contracts using a scientific philosophy, and to advocate on behalf of the users and community of the protocol. The Foundation works alongside Input Output HK (IOHK), who are contracted to design and build Cardano, and EMURGO, the for-profit arm working to boost the Cardano ecosystem through commercial ventures. The three entities are wholly separate in governance, ownership and leadership. Find out more:



I’ve been following your Cardano content ever since you started creating them.

Looking forward to your upcoming work, @adatainment !


Congratulations to Tommy and to the community as well!


Yes ,l know of Tommy and his work.He is a really great appointment


Onya Tommy!

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Congratulations Tommy!




Thank you all. Since I have never introduced myself properly in the forum I will make a new post in the course of the day in the “introduction”-category.

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Finally I have been bugging Charles via meditations :alien:for further ackn. of your enormous contributions…

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Congratulations @adatainment! Great move by the Cardano Foundation to officially enlist your help.