Greetings from Tommy, the newest member of the Cardano Foundation family

Hello everyone! As you may have heard, I have joined the Cardano Foundation as Content Creator and Community Manager. You can read the formal announcement here. While you might know me as “ADAtainment”, I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself.

My name is Tommy Kammerer and I am from southwestern Germany. I have a strong background in app and web development, with about seven years of broad experience in the crypto space. I have been following Cardano since December 2017. After digging quite a few projects over the last few years, I have decided to completely focus on Cardano in November 2018. I then created ADAtainment with the idea of combining entertaining and educational content, and became a Content Creator Ambassador in June 2019.

I was super excited when the Cardano Foundation approached me in August 2019, and I took the chance to contribute even more to the Cardano community in my new capacity as the Content Creator and Community Manager.

However, due to the conflict of interest, this also means ADAtainment will not operate a stake pool. Instead, the website will be even more committed to the community and provide information that will support, for example, stake pool operators in building their pools and websites.

Besides work, I either spend time with my family or build quadcopters from scratch for FPV racing. I am on the board of an aircraft model-making club in Germany.


Welcome @adatainment! :slight_smile:


Awesome appointment by the Cardano Foundation, recognising the great talent our community has.

I think the type of content you provide will be a fresh change for the CF and hopefully it can start to catch up (and maybe even stand out from) the other two entities.

Exciting times Tommy. Well done mate.


Good news! I’m glad Cardano is being surrounded by great professionals. Congrats!


Very cool! A good move on the foundations part we are lucky to have you!


Congratulations Tommy!!
Glad to have so experienced and kind people in this project
Hope someone will continue updating the AMA search questions! :pray:

Where can we see you piloting those drones?? :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve sent you a PM. :smiley:

Congratulations…good news for all of us!!


Congratulations! Great decision!!!

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I hope the CF is taking good care of you. @adatainment was destined to have one of the most successful staking pools. Haha

I’m very happy that your are working for CF!

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Glad you got hired Tom! Congrats!! I’m happy for both you. Now, you can start working on that Cardano Media Kit we were looking for but we never found it…lol! I’m sure you will do well in expanding the CF outreach.

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