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Cardano Anniversary: Celebrating Two Years of Cardano!

Cardano and ada are approaching the second anniversary of its listing, on September 29th 2019!
The Cardano Ecosystem entities wish to embrace the community and celebrate together with the community to highlight the progress made over the past two years. We have had several very successful campaigns completed during recent days, and we will show you their results shortly! A big thank you for all that have participated and made these campaigns active with input, and with very interesting results.

Campaign Details

Last but not least, please help us get the final questions for the AMA by voting for them on our forum! You can vote up to three times, once per entity. Thanks for your help!

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IOHK Blog: Taking the Next Step on the Road to Cardano Shelley

Each week, the Shelley Testnet newsletter is where we’ll share a high-level summary of key achievements and what’s been going on in the program. However, IOHK’s rollup was a little different two weeks ago…
Early September in Colorado, the IOHK testnet team regrouped and met to review the progress to date, nail down the plan for the next phases of the Shelley testnet and start to put everything into motion. Exciting times ahead! Please head over to IOHK’s blog post down below, for all the juicy details!

Read IOHK’s Shelley Blogpost

Shelley Testnet: Week 12 Update

Our regular Shelley Testnet Newsletter update was also published last Friday, please check out the update on our forum. Don’t forget: for the very latest technical updates you can follow all the commits and pull requests in the community GitHub. If you are not already part of the conversation, you’ll find a hive of activity over at the stake pool Best Practice Telegram.

Check out Shelley Testnet progress

Cardano Foundation Appoints Ryan He to Serve the Community in China

On September 11, the Cardano Foundation – in direct response to the community needs in China and in line with its worldwide expansion plans – has strengthened its Chinese community growth efforts by appointing Ryan He as the new Assistant Community Manager – effective immediately. In his new role, based in Shanghai, China, Ryan will create the localized strategy and will use his experience in blockchain marketing to improve the engagement with Chinese community.

Read More About Ryan

IOHK & Cardano Foundation Attending and Speaking at Wyoming Hackathon

IOHK and the Cardano Foundation teamed up with blockchain industry influencers and the College of Engineering at the University of Wyoming to foster the adoption of Cardano and smart contract development. Since IOHK and the Cardano Foundation were one of its sponsors, Bakyt Azimkanov, Charles Hoskinson, David Esser and other IOHK delegates were speaking and attending the event. Read all about this event in our recently released press release down below.

Read the Press Release

Tangata Manu: A Cardano Chain Data-Importer

EMURGO CTO, Nicolás Arqueros, explains how the Cardano Foundation supported EMURGO to complete and release “Tangata Manu”, an open source library to replace the Icarus library. Tangata Manu is a tool to import Cardano blockchain data into an easily usable database storage (e.g. Postgres database). The main goal of the project is to provide the main middle-layer functionality and to allow easy connection for new custom data-storage connectors or data-provider connectors, basically allowing to read blockchain data from any source with an API (for example, different full-node implementations), and export it into any custom storage or database that you can connect.

Watch Nico’s Short Video

Check out Tangata Manu’s GitHub

EMURGO’s Blog About Tangata Manu

EMURGO: Cardano Progress Update by Sebastien Guillemot for September

New Cardano Monthly Review! EMURGO’s engineering lead, Sebastien Guillemot, covers what happened in August:

  • Updates on the Shelley testnets
  • The release of Tangata Manu
  • Plutus progress and a new Marlowe book
  • Yoroi developments & more!

Watch Sebastien’s Video Update

EMURGO Blog: The Path of Cardano’s ADA Towards Sound Money

A blog by EMURGO on “The History of Sound Money”, where they explain what happened in the year of 1971 and the then-current US President Richard Nixon. What followed was a chain of events that would lead to most of the world abandoning its connection to “sound money” - also known as the gold standard - and effectively transitioning into a fiat currency monetary system. Prior to this, a nation’s currency was pegged to a nation’s gold reserves. Read more in their blog how this ties in with Cardano’s ADA and its path towards becoming “Sound Money”.

Read EMURGO’s Blog

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