2nd Year Anniversary - Voting for Top 10 AMA questions (2/3) - IOHK

Hello everyone.

Our Ambassadors voted on the top questions for IOHK and this is the result. The four questions which are most voted on will be answered on the AMA during the Cardano Anniversary event in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Anyone who votes will be eligible to win a prize as explained in the AMA contest topic. We will receive your voting until 22/09 this Sunday. And 20 voting participants will receive US$50 through lucky draw.

Note: You will only be able to use one vote. So use it wisely!

Many thanks in advance,

IOHK, EMURGO and the Cardano Foundation.

  • Are you planning to bring any new cool features for Cardano platform in 2020, which haven’t been originally planned and announced?
  • Will there be a collection of proven to be secure Smart Contracts which one can select out of a library and modify?If yes, how will such a library be realized, curated and kept secure?
  • What is the potential of BC technology/cardano to support solutions for the most challenging issues of human being?
  • How big of a threat is the increasing number of blockchain patents, filed by huge corporations like Bank of America, to the development of Cardano?
  • How does IOHK and everyone else working on the Cardano project plan to combat the voting cartels we’ve seen in other blockchain systems such as Lisk and EOS?
  • How difficult has it been for the developers and the broader team at Cardano to stay focused on delivering a quality outcome, whilst most other crypto projects are centred around hype rather than quality/actual use case?
  • Charles, where are you most proud of what you achieved with cardano (so far)? And why?
  • What was the Cardano team’s top Aha moment during the build and why?
  • In what way the Cardano-infrastructure meets the ‘right to be forgotten’ as regulated in the GDPR?
  • In your wildest dreams. How will Cardano impact the world?
  • With the understanding that there is a lot yet to explore in these areas, which “Memorandum of understanding” do you currently think has the biggest potential & why do you feel this way?
  • In what way Quantum technology offers more security than Blockchains?
  • What is the single coolest use-case for the Cardano blockchain or ADA token that when implemented and widely adopted will make you most proud?
  • Could Cardano please provide a simplified explanation regarding the potential real world applications of Cardano?

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Dear all.

I made a small error configuring the poll so I had to reset it. Voters who voted before 07:00 UTC please revote!

Sorry for the inconvenience!


Preguntas traducidas al español, en orden de aparición:

  1. ¿Está planeando incorporar nuevas características a la plataforma de Cardano en 2020, que no hayan sido originalmente planeadas y anunciadas?

  2. ¿Habrá una colección de contratos inteligentes seguros que uno puede seleccionar de una biblioteca, y modificar? En caso afirmativo, ¿cómo se realizará, curará y mantendrá segura dicha biblioteca?

  3. ¿Cuál es el potencial de la tecnología blockchain/Cardano para dar solución a los problemas más desafiantes del ser humano?

  4. ¿Qué tan grande es la amenaza que representa para el desarrollo de Cardano el creciente número de patentes de cadenas de bloques, presentadas por grandes corporaciones como Bank of America?

  5. ¿Cómo planea IOHK y todos los que trabajan en el proyecto Cardano combatir los monopolios de votación que hemos visto en otros sistemas de cadenas de bloques, como Lisk y EOS?

  6. ¿Qué tan difícil ha sido para los desarrolladores y el equipo más amplio de Cardano mantenerse enfocado en entregar un resultado de calidad, mientras que la mayoría de los demás proyectos de criptografía se centran en el marketing más que en el caso de uso/calidad real?

  7. Charles, ¿qué te enorgullece más de lo que has logrado con Cardano (hasta ahora)? ¿Y por qué?

  8. ¿Cuál fue el mejor momento Aha! del equipo Cardano durante la construcción y por qué?

  9. ¿De qué manera la infraestructura de Cardano cumple con el “derecho a ser olvidado”, regulado por la GDPR?

  10. En tus sueños más salvajes, ¿cómo crees que Cardano impactará en el mundo?

  11. Sabiendo de que aún queda mucho por explorar en estas áreas, ¿qué “Memorando de entendimiento” cree usted que tiene el mayor potencial y por qué lo entiende de esa manera?

  12. ¿De qué manera la tecnología Quantum ofrece más seguridad que la blockchain?

  13. ¿Cuál es el único caso de uso para la cadena de bloques Cardano o el token ADA que, una vez implementado y ampliamente adoptado, le hará sentir más orgulloso?

  14. ¿Podría proporcionar una explicación simplificada sobre las posibles aplicaciones de Cardano en el mundo real?


in regards of the cool feature question: i once read about a feature (can’t seem to find the name for this anymore) for a kind of vault.
The vault allowed spending crypto with a predetermined delay.
meaning when a hacker tried to steal money from the vault the delay is triggered/user is notified about the spend action.
If original owner does not recognize this request it has the time to cancel the transaction.
This seems very useful in my opinion, hope this will be a feature one time.

found it: https://blockonomi.com/bitcoin-wallet-security-the-vault/

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Full explanation about Plutus ??

You’re too late to get a question into the AMA, but there’s this:


Hello everyone.

Thank you for voting. We are pleased to see that the questions with the most votes are of a high quality, made possible by you - our Ambassadors and the overall community.

As stated above we will close the poll and move the questions forward for the AMA during the Cardano Anniversary event in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

However, we see that out of the four questions for IOHK there are three questions, which all have eleven percent and have to share place for the third and fourth question. This means that out these questions one has to be dropped.

We are looking forward to the coming days - please share your thoughts, pictures and videos on social media with the hashtags #Cardano2Years and #embracethecommunity.

With kind regards,

IOHK, the Cardano Foundation and EMURGO.

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How long before Quantum Computers become a direct threat to ADA itself?

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