EMURGO Develops & Releases New Open Source Product: Tangata Manu

EMURGO, the official commercial arm of Cardano, has developed and released Tangata Manu - a new fully open source codebase library for third party developers & enterprises to create their own secure light wallets and explorers for Cardano ADA on Internet browsers and mobile devices. Originally inspired by IOHK’s initial development of Icarus, Tangata Manu is an open source library also compatible with Shelley - the next era of Cardano’s development that will bring full decentralization along with delegation & staking pools.

Following the successful product development and release of EMURGO’s Yoroi Wallet & Seiza Cardano Blockchain Explorer, Tangata Manu is the third EMURGO product within the past year to be released to the public and aligns with EMURGO’s mission to drive the global adoption of Cardano and bring value to ADA holders. The final development of Tangata Manu was completed with additional funding from the Cardano Foundation.

Tangata Manu is an open source and essential developer toolbox to import Cardano blockchain data into an easily usable, customized database storage for products such as Cardano ADA light wallets and blockchain explorers. The main goal is to provide for simple, open access for third party developers & enterprises to basically read blockchain data from any source with an API, and export it into any connected, custom storage or database.

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