Cardano Foundation Celebrates the 2nd Cardano Anniversary

Written by @YeJi.Kim @Katsumoto

Special thanks to @adatainment, who shared his talent with the infographics, and @MichaelYangCF for engaging videos of our Council Members and our roadshow in Taipei, Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai!

Happy Anniversary, Cardano community!

Over the last two years, the Cardano Foundation has significantly grown together with our Cardano community. To celebrate and highlight the achievements of the community, the 2019 anniversary’s theme pays homage to our community. Therefore, we entitled this year’s event as Embracing the Community.

Online community expansion and growth!

The Cardano community has grown 30% in size from 270K to 360K in one year alone. Together with Cardano Foundation, IOHK and EMURGO communities, we now have 740K community members across all channels!

This year, the Cardano Foundation has launched new social channels to embrace more community members online.

  • YouTube - You can find videos from the Cardano Foundation
  • LinkedIn - All the latest Cardano Foundation news
  • Line Messenger - You can subscribe to Cardano announcements in Japanese!
  • Weibo - Our official Weibo page for the Chinese community!
  • WeChat - Coming soon
  • Instagram - Coming soon

More customized and area- and language-specific community channels will be added soon!

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Cardano Foundation goes global with the community

The Cardano Foundation itself has been promoting the project in many countries as well as supporting global meetups. In 2019, the Foundation focused on Europe, the Americas and Asia. The Cardano Foundation has been speaking at global blockchain and crypto conferences across the globe and joined blockchain organizations to foster the adoption of Cardano and to contribute to establishing blockchain governance. You can find the Foundation’s recent activities on our website.

Please watch our video from the Cardano Foundation’s roadshow in Asia.

The Cardano global communities have also been promoting and supporting the project by holding local meetups. We now have 45 Cardano community groups across 30 countries with more than 9,000 meetup members.

Cardano Foundation’s Council Members talk about the Foundation

Nathan Kaiser, Chairperson of the Cardano Foundation, together with Manmeet Singh, Vice Chairperson of the Foundation and CFO of EMURGO, talk about the Foundation, share their vision for the future and indulge in some of their stories.

Ambassador highlights

The Cardano Foundation and the community are very proud of their members. To unite all outstanding members of our community, the Foundation launched the Ambassador Program a year ago.

Most of our Ambassadors have been with Cardano from the very beginning and others have joined later as the project continues to grow and develop. These special members have contributed to the ecosystem mostly on a voluntary basis. Ambassadors serve as anchors of our community. Our community would not have been what it is today if it were not for our special members.

In the run up to Cardano’s second anniversary, the Community Management Team has done a series of short campaigns to highlight our Ambassadors’ efforts and contributions. Many interesting conversations were turned into Ambassador Stories posted on our Forum.

The project’s scientific approach and solid methodology were resonating across all Ambassador stories and stood out the most. Our Ambassadors also expressed their utmost confidence in the success of Cardano, and are very driven to work hard to make this happen.

Currently, the Cardano Ambassador group includes 48 ambassadors of all ages and professions from 24 countries across the globe, with more individuals qualifying during each monthly review cycle. Cumulatively, existing ambassadors produce content in 15 languages.

Not a community member yet?

The Cardano community is open to everyone who is interested in our project. This decentralised project grows with the community. We do appreciate your contribution and support for Cardano project :slight_smile:

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