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Charles Hoskinson’s Important Shelley Announcements and Surprise AMA

On August 30, Charles dropped a surprise AMA from IOHK’s new offices in Longmont, Colorado, beating by a day his earlier commitment to announce some dates before the end of August. Check down below for more details.

Quick Video Breakdown

  • Network testnet launch in mid-September
  • Ouroboros Hydra completion in September
  • Hackathon at the University of Wyoming on September 20th.
  • Plutus’s next update in September
  • Cardano’s approach to solve the problems of crypto through first principles of thinking
  • Staking to be possible on the Yoroi wallet
  • Hosting on a small device like a Raspberry Pi

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Cardano Anniversary: Celebrating Two Years of Cardano!

Cardano and ada is approaching the second anniversary of its listing on September 29th 2019!
The Cardano Ecosystem entities wish to embrace the community and celebrate together with the community to highlight the progress made over the past two years. We are preparing several campaigns and events for you! There will also be several prizes and giveaways for our most enthusiastic Cardano community members, and we look forward to seeing your contribution and participation!

Check here for more details

Check here for the AMA Questions Campaign

Check out EMURGO’s Video Campaign

Check out Cardano’s 2nd Anniversary Meetup in Bulgaria

Shelley Testnet: Week 10 Update

Each week, this newsletter is where IOHK’s Development Teams share a high-level summary of key achievements and what’s been going on in the program. Remember, for the very latest technical updates you can follow all the commits and pull requests in the community GitHub. If you are not already part of the conversation, you’ll find a hive of activity over at the stake pool Best Practice Telegram

Check out Shelley Testnet progress

Cardano Foundation appoints Alix Park to lead global community expansion

The Cardano Foundation – in line with its worldwide expansion plans – has strengthened its global community growth efforts by appointing Alix Hyeowon Park as the new Community Lead. In her new role based in Seoul, South Korea, Alix will focus on developing and implementing a new community management strategy to support and educate the global community. Alix will be working in collaboration with strategic partners, IOHK and EMURGO, and she will advise the Foundation Council on scaling the global Cardano community.

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Join The Cardano Effect with Lars Brünjes and Polina Vinogradova on Plutus.

In this episode, Lars Brünjes and Polina Vinogradova join The Cardano Effect’s Rick and Philippe to discuss Plutus in-depth, and answer your questions about their new educational book: ‘Plutus: Writing Reliable Smart Contracts’. Check out more details down below!

Watch Episode #41

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EMURGO Signs MoUs With South Korean Government-Approved Trade Associations

Last month EMURGO announced the formal signing of MoUs with Korea Blockchain Contents Association (KBCCA) & Korea Mobile Game Association (KMGA) to mutually identify and explore opportunities with integrating Cardano’s blockchain-based solutions into the Korean digital content & mobile gaming industries. These agreements support EMURGO’s mission to drive the adoption of a global Cardano and bring value to ada holders.

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What Is EMURGO Doing Globally Outside of Asia To Drive ADA Adoption?

As the official commercial arm focused on driving the global adoption of Cardano and bring value to ada holders, EMURGO has placed high strategic importance of having an international vision. The Cardano community is certainly global in nature and definitely wouldn’t be the strong project it is today without the efforts and interests of Cardano community members from markets all over the world.

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Cardano Community Meetups

Upcoming Meetups

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7 September Tokyo, Cardano Meetup
14 September Spanish Cardano Meetup by Antonio Sánchez, in La Nave, Madrid
26 September Washington DC, Cardano Blockchain Meetup

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Cardano Australia
Cardano Blockchain San Diego
Cardano Blockchain Croatia
Cardano Blockchain Korea
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