Plutus Ebook: Writing Reliable Smart Contracts


IOHK has released an introductory eBook on Plutus, their general-purpose functional programming environment for Cardano! Plutus delivers an easier, more robust way to show that your smart contracts are correct and will not encounter the problems found in previous smart contract language design. By using Plutus, you can be confident in the correct execution and security considerations of your smart contracts.

Written by Lars Brünjes (Director of Education) and Polina Vinogradova (Formal Methods Software Developer), the eBook provides an overview of the language as well as working code samples to help anchor the application of this new Haskell-based smart contract language to tangible use cases. You can test out smart contract examples such as crowdfunding campaigns, or vesting schemes with locked funds that become available at certain times.

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It is available to download on Kindle and LeanPub:

You can also check out the latest IOHK Blog post to get to know more about the ebook authors, Lars and Polina!