Cardano Community Newsletter - May 3, 2019

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Charles Hoskinson’s Keynote Speech

This week we bring lots of updates from the IOHK Summit which happened in Miami, Florida on April 17-18! Firstly, we invite you to read about or watch Charles Hoskinson’s keynote speech which kicked off the event. In the talk, he talked about the history and the future of the Cardano project.

Catch up on Charles’s talk here

Summit Viewing Party

For Charles’s keynote speech, Cardano Foundation also held a fun initiative to bring together the community across the globe. Those who participated in a viewing party for the speech and sent in a video on social media will all be receiving Tangem cards from the Foundation!

Check out the winners’ videos!

Read IOHK’s Blog on the Summit

Head to the IOHK website to read their new blog post about the IOHK Summit - you can learn about the announcements and updates shared at the event.

Read IOHK’s Blog Post

Announcement of Seiza by Emurgo

There was also a big announcement from CTO Nicolás Arquero and R&D Engineering Lead Sebastien Guillemot of Emurgo who shared the news about the upcoming release of Seiza, a new Cardano blockchain explorer. Emurgo has developed Seiza to include more features than other blockchain explorer.

Read Emurgo’s press release on Seiza

The Cardano Effect at the Summit

Philippe from the Cardano Effect podcast was also present where he recorded a great episode featuring Duncan Coutts, chief technical architect at IOHK, Vasil from the Cardano community, and one of the exhibitors GIG, a decentralized dapp being built on Cardano.

Watch the episode here

Interested in Cryptopuzzles?

Alongside all the informative, interesting talks and workshops at the Summit, there was also an exclusive cryptopuzzle for registered attendees with a big ada prize. Winners of the puzzle were rewarded at the closing remarks by Charles Hoskinson and Jeremy Wood from IOHK. But we would like to share the puzzle with all of you - all you need is a little curiosity and some basic knowledge of computer science and blockchain technology. Answers will be published next week, Thursday May 9.

Have a go at the Cryptopuzzle

Plutus & Marlowe Udemy Course

IOHK recently published two free Udemy courses that helps you learn about Plutus and Marlowe, smart contract programming languages, online in your free time. There are already over 4000 students enrolled in this online course - why don’t you join them?

Learn about Marlowe

Learn about Plutus

Be Aware of Crypto Scams

The Cardano community takes any spreading of scams and FUD as a serious violation and breach of trust toward the community. Note that partnerships or third-party affiliations will always be announced through the official entities within the Cardano Ecosystem.

Some Tips on Staying Safe

Upcoming Meetups

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May 23, in Washington DC: Cardano Blockchain Meetup

Nothing in your area?

See if a group already exists on our page and connect with the local organiser!


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