Cardano Community Newsletter - May 17, 2019

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Cardano 2020: Delivering on the Vision

Read the latest blog post from IOHK, written by David Esser the Senior Product Manager of Cardano. He talks about the Cardano 2020 vision and gives insight into the redesign of the Cardano roadmap. David also tells us how updates on the project will be shared moving forward.

Read the IOHK blog here

Introducing our new Cardano Community Managers

The Cardano Community team is proud to announce our new Community Managers: Niels Schoof and Andy Hendrikx. These familiar faces have been a part of the community since Cardano’s official mainnet launch in October 2017 and will be joining the Community Team to help improve all of the Cardano community channels, grow out the Ambassador program and help be the ears and voice for the community!

Welcome Niels and Andy on the Forum

Monthly Progress Update for April 2019

Emurgo’s Engineering Lead, Sebastien Guillemot, creates videos that give a comprehensive overview of all the work that’s happened with Cardano within the last month. The progress video for April has just been released where you can learn all about the project’s latest updates.

Watch the Cardano Progress Update video

Introduction of Atala

At the recent IOHK Summit, one of the major announcements was Atala, an enterprise blockchain framework that will help entities rapidly build products and blockchain solutions. IOHK will be releasing further details on this project but in the meantime, read a quick introduction on Atala and an article from Forbes magazine on the Forum.

Learn more about Atala

The Frontier Fintech Summit, Mongolia

The Cardano Community team recently travelled to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia where they attended the Frontier Fintech Summit alongside Charles and other members from Cardano Foundation and IOHK. A recap from Day 1 of the event with a Marlowe hackathon is ready on the forum for you to check out!

Read the Day 1 Recap

During this trip to Mongolia, IOHK also signed an MoU with the Mongolian Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency Association and the Mongolian Fintech Association. The MoU is broad in scope with an initial focus to advise on potential blockchain solutions and foster blockchain education in the country. Read IOHK’s blog post by Charles Hoskinson about the MoU with the link below.

Read about the Mongolian MoU

Upcoming Meetups

RSVP to these events!

May 18, in Osaka, Japan: Cardano Meetup
May 18, in Tokyo, Japan: How to use Yoroi/Daedalus community meetup
May 18, in Zagreb, Croatia: Cardano Blockchain Croatia Meetup
May 23, in Washington DC: Cardano Blockchain Meetup
May 25, in Nagoya, Japan: Cardano Meetup
May 26, in Saarbrücken, Germany: The First Meetup
May 26, in Berlin, Germany: Inaugural Cardano Blockchain Berlin

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