Introduction to Atala


At the recent IOHK Summit, one of the major announcements was Atala, an enterprise blockchain framework that provides a set of building blocks enabling governments, corporations and other entities to rapidly build products for millions of end users. At the summit, Bruno Woltzenlogel Paleo, IOHK’s Director of Engineering outlined the fundamental vision for Atala: ‘to do for all data what bitcoin did for money’.

The technology will be complementary to Cardano as it enables new use cases that are not ideal on a public blockchain; for instance, for governments or corporations that are not comfortable putting sensitive customer data on public blockchains. The Atala framework will offer greater flexibility, control and ease of development.


Furthermore, Atala will act as a bridge connecting millions of users to the Cardano ecosystem where they will be able to consume products and services. Having one interoperable system will blur the lines between permissioned and open solutions enabling users to seamlessly move value between the two. These solutions are critical in delivering our vision to provide access to markets and financial services to the 3 billion people that are unbanked.

We’ll be sharing more news on Atala over the months ahead. In the meantime, check out this article from Forbes.


Tangential, but useful info on how identity cards can be implemented… it’s already a done deal in countries like India, Estonia and Austria. Ethiopia would be wise to follow suit.

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Atala have been around for 1 year. Are they any development regarding this apps? I personally think that this is a great apps, but we need somebody to push this forward. Where can I get the source code? or any more deep information regarding Atala?