Cardano Community Newsletter - August 23, 2019

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Cardano 1.6 and Daedalus 0.14.0

Cardano 1.6 was recently released on the Cardano mainnet. This release by IOHK brought the latest Daedalus (v. 0.14.0), which offered a number of significant updates and improvements to the wallet experience, making it easier and more enjoyable to use. Head to the Cardano Forum for a link to the official release notes and a demo video on all the new features by Darko Mijić, Daedalus Product Manager.

Check out Daedalus 0.14

Live Development Update with David Esser

In a newly launched series of live Cardano development updates from IOHK, David Esser, Product Manager for Cardano, hosted a live AMA with community members. He delivered updates from the project side, while also taking the time to answer many questions from the community. Check out our timestamped summary and watch the full AMA on the Cardano Forum.

Read and watch the Live Update AMA

Cardano Foundation driving Cardano Adoption with Konfidio

The Cardano Foundation and Konfidio have entered into a strategic partnership to accelerate blockchain models with corporations, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and governments. Konfidio is a venture accelerator based in Berlin, Germany, with a focus on leveraging blockchain technology to build enterprise-scale decentralized applications and this partnership will aim to enable real-world business cases on the Cardano blockchain.

Read the full press release

Join Us on LINE and Weibo!

In line with the Cardano Foundation’s agenda to expand its communications towards the Asian blockchain and cryptocurrency markets, we created an official LINE account for our Japanese community and a Weibo account for our Chinese community. EMURGO also recently launched a LINE account, with original Yoroi stickers!

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Behind-the-Scenes Look at Development Progress

IOHK has started publishing development demo videos that they use internally to keep the company and colleagues updated on progress. These are raw, unpolished demos that share technical status details on where we are. The first two videos are on multi-node communication, covering on-disk storage as well as the 4 integrated components: consensus, ledger, network protocol, and node shell.

Watch the Development Progress Demo Videos

Progress Update Video by EMURGO

EMURGO’s Engineering Lead, Sebastien Guillemot, has published this month’s Progress Summary video. Watch his videos to learn about the latest in Cardano’s development as well as updates from the robust research streams and projects across the ecosystem.

Watch Cardano Progress Update for August 2019

Mini Lessons on Cardano

Duncan Coutts is the Chief Technical Architect at IOHK working on the Cardano project. He shares his knowledge with us through bite-sized explainer videos which are published on IOHK’s Twitter. We have already learned about stake pools, and how delegation will work in Daedalus. You don’t want to miss out on these!

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What Will Make Cardano Smart Contracts Different and Powerful?

Smart contracts help you exchange money, property, shares, or anything of value in a transparent, conflict-free way without the need for a third party. In EMURGO’s latest blog, they explain how smart contracts on Cardano are different and how they improve upon smart contracts that currently exist in the crypto-space.

Read EMURGO’s Blog

Cardano Community Meetups

Upcoming Meetups

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7 Sept Tokyo, Cardano Meetup
14 September Spanish Cardano Meetup by Antonio Sánchez, in La Nave, Madrid
26 Sept Washington DC, Cardano Blockchain Meetup

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