Cardano Community Newsletter - March 29, 2019

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The Release of Cardano 1.5 and 1.5.1

Last week, IOHK released Cardano 1.5 onto the mainnet. This release was a milestone because it is the last major Cardano release of the Byron development phase. Following the release, there were a few users who encountered issues when updating Daedalus from old versions, to which IOHK was able to quickly release Cardano 1.5.1 to tackle and resolve the known issues.

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Ada Now Supported By Ledger

The integration of Cardano’s ada with Ledger, a global leader in security and cryptocurrency hardware devices, has been completed! Users are now able to protect their private keys through Ledger’s Nano S wallet.

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Cardano Foundation joins INATBA as a Founding Member

Cardano Foundation will be one of the founding members of the European Commission’s International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA). The launch of this association is already an exciting milestone for blockchain technology adoption and the cryptocurrency industry, but Cardano Foundation is honored and excited to bring Cardano to the forefront of discussions and frameworks being built in Europe.

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Learn about Staking

We’ve received hundreds of questions on staking from the Cardano community and we are working with the IOHK Development Team to get them answered! You can find answered questions on the IOHK Staking FAQ page, and new questions and their respective answers will be posted over time so be sure to check back regularly! And if you’re interested in asking your own questions on staking, join our Cardano Staking Telegram group here.

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Education in Africa

We are excited to share that the graduation ceremony for IOHK’s Haskell Course in Ethiopia was held last week! 19 Ethiopian and 4 Ugandans students graduated from the Haskell program held by IOHK. Learn more by reading the recap on the Cardano Forum!

Head to the Ethiopian Graduation Recap

Blockchain and Regulation

When it comes to cryptocurrency and blockchain adoption, regulation is the big elephant in the room that everyone is watching. Some believe that it can stifle innovation and growth in the industry, while others believe its needed from day one to ensure it becomes a system that sticks. What do you think?

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Upcoming Meetups

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April 1, in Castle Hill: Cardano Australia - Meetup #19
April 4, in Bogota: Cardano Blockchain Meetup Oficial en Bogotá
April 5, in Toronto: Plutus Smart Contract Demo - Michael Peyton Jones

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