Interested in Translating Cardano Content?

Are you interested in translating Cardano pieces into your language? If so, that’s great!
There’s a ton of content on the project so you’re free to get started wherever you want, but we’ve put together a short list of suggestions to get you started.

Summary Forum Posts

IOHK Blog Posts

Cardano Foundation & Community

Support Articles

Other sources

Video translations

Again, these are just suggestions. Please translate whatever you feel comfortable with. And please do comment below if there are other pieces that you think should be on this short list!

And if you would like to be considered for the Translator Ambassador role, please have a read of the criteria and process here. Thanks!




a quick index to all “translation” topics in this forum


Sweet ! Sub tree by language ?

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So once we have translated where do we post it?


Maybe we can use your post as overview to prevent double work.
Translated texts can be linked directly to a flag behind the link.

Like This: Preventing Sybil Attacks :de:


German translation of ‘Whiteboard video with Charles Hoskinson’: Zusammenfassung: Überblick mit Charles Hoskinson 🇩🇪


+1 on that. Better than language tree.

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Anyone working on Dutch translations already?

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@Andy_Hendrikx you know about someone?

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Hi Maki,

Is it possible to include a Language button in forum content? That should speed up translation and realise if there is already some work on it.



I am nevertheless sceptical that “raw” community translations should remain as the only available option for disseminating all these materials. Despite the strong reactions they sometimes provoke in me, I somehow believe in editors … how ironic

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neat idea only languages don’t particularly neatly symmetrically correlate with countries. additionally some countries have multitudes of different languages. so perhaps there isn’t a panacea. closest i think is the i18n format with country/language initial as a code. for example, gb-en (great britain/english), us-es (united states/spanish), ke-sw (kenya/swahili) etc

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I started adding Dutch Subtitles to the Whiteboard session with Charles. But it takes a whole lot of time and have to rewind all the time and listen again. Not sure if it’s worth all the effort, since most Dutch people understand English very well.

Guess it’s easier to translate papers or blog posts. I’ll look into one of those.


Check-out my GitHub with Updates with translated IOHK blog posts.


Oh wow, this is great!


i agree that there needs to be some organised way where content which matters most which i also believe people would be most interested and excited to translate would be the best approach.

there are also countries where folks speak native languages as well as english, like your dutch example, i’m in a similar situation where most people who speak swahili, a good proportion of them speak english. so i find myself not prioritising that.

i’m working on some simplified crypto video text/illustration explanations, aligning translations with those as i believe those will have the most impact.


nice stuff :slight_smile: :clap:

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This is where I will add FR translations: